▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page
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To all independent artists! 

The playlist on our home page is dedicated to you, 

add it to your favourites and share your music with the rest of the community 🤘🏽


If you’re an artist, podcaster or simply call yourself a creator, or even if you’re just an avid fan, and have spotted something unusual or inaccurate within our catalogue, this is the place to reach out.

With our dedicated metadata teams, we always aim to deliver you the most precise content in the streaming industry, but let’s be honest: we’ve got a massive catalogue! :sunglasses::relieved: improvements are always on the pipeline, but there’s only so much we can do...

So nothing better than counting on you, to let us know where we can improve!

Don’t forget: to make things easier, always paste here the links for the content you’d like to be fixed on Deezer. We’ll try our best and take care of the rest :thumbsup_tone2:


P:S: If you are an artist based in the UK, France and Germany  we have a great opportunity for debuting artists of all genres  to reach new listeners and build fans!! Check this article 👈🏼


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Hi there! There is a host of tracks that are showing up on my artist profile. My name is Candy Man and the tracks that should appear are Still Trying, Arizona and Heart Attack. All others are incorrect. Here is my artist page url:


thank you for allowing us creators to share music on your platform! 

Hi I sent a message here like 1 month ago but no change so I'm sending one again 

I'm arukas and here's my artist account :

And here's my songs/albums :

The other song / album are not mine and I would like them to be taken off my account as soon as possible for your info I've also talked to the actual owner of these songs and he can't take them off as he doesn't have a deezer artist page of his own and I don't want him to be taking all his releases completely off all of the music platforms he has them posted on. 

Here are the link to the songs I want to take off my account :


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Thanks for letting us known @James West 
The problem has been fixed :)

Hello, the last problem was fixed, thank you very much, unfortunatly checking today, another artist has posted their latest release and it is linked to my profile.

Profile is -

The incorrect releases -

If they could be removed, I’d really appreciate it, thank you

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All good now @awesomemac @Gkey @James West 

Hello, my last two releases are by wrong artist. Please move this and this to here

Thank you!

There is still a release on my profile which I have asked to be removed some time ago but is still there. 

The profile is here -


The release in question which is not mine, is this one -

Thank you

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The band Streetlight has their own page, but there are songs that aren’t from this Streetlight.

This is the correct Streetlight:



As you can see at the name there are others that shouldn’t be there:

This single isn’t this Streetlight.


The one on the left is Streetlight, the others aren’t this Streetlight.

Here there are 3 Streetlight singles (as you can tell by it’s “Logo name΅ (Endless, Chutes And Ladders and Hit The Ground). The others are something else.

Could this be fixed? Thank you.


Last request:

Band Nestor:

The song “On The Radio (Piano Version)” doesn’t belong on this page:

It should belong here:

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@Nickolas Rocha fixed :) 

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Hi @gabrieu it should be fixed now.

Hi there,

I've found an album from another artist with same name on my profile. Would you mind removing it from my discography?


Link to the album:


Thank you.


Print with all songs:


Hi! There’s still wrong tracks on my profile. These are the tracks that are not mine:

Bob Tecla, Eu Posso Ser o Que Eu Quiser
Parabéns, Hoje É Dia de Comemorar
Hoje É Natal

Is there a way to remove them of my profile please?


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Hi @Josh Vooris the problem has been fixed.
Thanks :) 

Hi, I found a song that is attached to the wrong profile. I’m not sure where it belongs but it does not belong to the group Dynazty that it’s on. Dynazty is a Swedish power metal band and this is not one of their songs.

Link to song:

Link to Dynazty:

I have reported this multiple times (months ago) in the app but this song is still on their profile. Hopefully this can be fixed.

Thank you.


Hey @gabrieu it should be fixed now.
Thanks :) 

hi, thanks! does it take some time to update it? because the songs by the other Gabrieu are still on my profile

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@ELADE the problem has been fixed. You can find your song here:


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@okboakelsoup have you reported them on “report a problem”, clicking on the 3 dots in the desktop app or Web version.

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Hey @gabrieu it should be fixed now.
Thanks :) 

Hello, please fix those:


My release “Проще" got into someone else's artist card -

Could you create an artist card for me and move the track into it?

The page for "Junky" has several unrelated acts on it, such as a Vocaloid producer, a trap song maker, a rapper, and a rock band that just happen to share the same name.


There’s a different artist with the same name as mine, Gabrieu, on my deezer artist page ( Actually, I don’t even know if it’s my page or his, but I really need this to be solved

My songs are:
These four tracks on my EP “Submundo”:
Single “No Pique do Vem e Vai”:


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Hi @eErr0Re, thank you so much for sharing this information with us.

I've already passed your feedback along to our team.

Duplicate albums:








Duplicate artist: