▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page

▶ REPORT HERE: Artist/albums/songs with wrong profile/page
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To all independent artists! 

The playlist on our home page is dedicated to you, 

add it to your favourites and share your music with the rest of the community 🤘🏽


If you’re an artist, podcaster or simply call yourself a creator, or even if you’re just an avid fan, and have spotted something unusual or inaccurate within our catalogue, this is the place to reach out.

With our dedicated metadata teams, we always aim to deliver you the most precise content in the streaming industry, but let’s be honest: we’ve got a massive catalogue! :sunglasses::relieved: improvements are always on the pipeline, but there’s only so much we can do...

So nothing better than counting on you, to let us know where we can improve!

Don’t forget: to make things easier, always paste here the links for the content you’d like to be fixed on Deezer. We’ll try our best and take care of the rest :thumbsup_tone2:


P:S: If you are an artist based in the UK, France and Germany  we have a great opportunity for debuting artists of all genres  to reach new listeners and build fans!! Check this article 👈🏼


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@Yula there are still mistakes in the artist I mentiened earlier

And in this one:

Hello! I noticed that the Boston-based band Couch was grouped with another artist (or artists?) called Couch.


Here is a list of the Boston band’s works, based off their website and other streaming services:

Hello @Yula.

My bad, i thought my message was clear.
The problem now is that all his new songs are not on the page
In fact, it have disappeared from the platform.
What is the solution please ?


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@Yula there where some issues with the cleanup.


this album isn’t theirs and it’s still on their page


But more importantly, you removed some albums that where theirs.




My bands new single has been uploaded on another artists profile! 

this is our first and don't have a profile yet.. please help!

Hello @Alekos the “other tracks” you listed are yours or are they of another artist? 

Hey Yula,


they are all mine :)

Thanks a lot

they are all mine !!


thank you

Hi, my band/artist is mixed with another. We have just released first single and more is coming (all albums we have too) so we need this to be fixed before more music comes . Here is link to our song:

Please, if you can make our profile with big letters MONOLIT so its easier to distinguished from others.


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Hello @Alekos the “other tracks” you listed are yours or are they of another artist? 

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Thank you @Sebastián Guerrero I have cleaned the artist page for you!



My music is mixed with another artist with the same name.
Can you please create my own artist profile and split the tracks ?


Artist Name : Alekos


Here’s my albums:

Album- Shanti

Album - Home

Album - Séléné

Album - Taurus


Other tracks :




Behind the sun




Flying Away

Chasing in Istanbul

Sous l’amer




Thanks a lot for your help,

All the best,




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Hi, the Uruguayan band La Trampa is getting some other artists albums and songs mixed into their profile. 

This one is theirs:


This one isn’t:


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Hello @hammarby, I have created a new artist page for Naomi here:

and I have separated the other Katy B!

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Hello @Gonzotipplefork, thanks a lot I have cleaned up the artist page!

Hey @Oliver.Calland I have cleaned up your artist page!

Thank you very much!

  1. Naomi

There is a german (english speaking) electronic duo Naomi who’s profile is a permanent mess. It was already cleared from unrelated songs once, but in no time several unrelated albums were added once again. Now even the profile photo is wrong - there is a german speaking singer with the same name on the photo. In general, I believe there are a lot of independent artist with this name and somehow all of them end up on this page.

Correct albums are Swim (2017) (their most recent release), Pappelallee (2003 + 2014 remastered), The Big Shapes (2010), Tweek (2008),  Aquarium (2006), Everyone Loves You (2002)

How Many Loves - Naomi - Deezer

  1. Katy B

There is an artist Katy B (NME Award Winner 2012) who’s page is also combined with a younger artist with the same name (2022 and 2023 albums are wrong, while 2023 single Paradise is correct).

Katy on a Mission - Katy B - Deezer


There seems to be 4 distinct artist under the name "Scamp” 

Scamp - Rap Junky - French rapper



Scamp - Ninja - Electronic music

              - THE SHU



Scamp - Ten Ni Mukatte Tuba Wo Hake - Japanese hardcore



Scamp - Man meets ape - Progressive metal band

              - The Deadcalm

              - Mirror Faced Mentality

Hey @Predrag Glogovac here is your new artist page

Thank you very much!

Is it possibility to be loged in as artist and change profile picture?


yes, you can do so by signing up on our Deezer4Creators here:

Thank you, I have done that and its working ;)

Can you please fix this also, our music is still available under other artist profile:

It needs removal from there and just keep songs on our new artist page as they are now (213422977) 


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Sorry @BMRG you were not clear in your message, I have swapped the pages again, 

so everything is now on the Zek artist page

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Hey @Francis Lassaline I have created a new artist page for you!

You can claim your page on our website:

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Hey @Oliver.Calland I have cleaned up your artist page!

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Hey @Predrag Glogovac here is your new artist page

Thank you very much!

Is it possibility to be loged in as artist and change profile picture?


yes, you can do so by signing up on our Deezer4Creators here:

Hello @Yula 
Damn ! I thought you were going to keep the new artist account with its new name "Zek".
Can you either change the name of the account name or reactivate the new account you had created just before ?
Sorry and thanks again for your help.

Hello my name is Typical. My first song on Deezer is merged with someone else profile who has the same name as me. Can I please have my own profile page.

I only made one song called “Dystopia”

The link to the song is :

The rest of the songs to this profile page is not mine.

The profile page:

Thanks in advance.

Hey @hacosound all done!!!

Hello Yula,

Thank you very much for helping this again.


Here’s my artist page still needs to be cleaned up.


Now, only the following 3 tracks need to be removed:


1. Song title: Overwinter  Artist name: Haco / HACO(하코) (Single)

2. Song title: Game over  Artist name: Rey Rodriguez, Nidic, Haco (Single)

4. Song title: Haco / Earthquake In Paradise  Artist name: Haco / Hacomar Casimiro González (Single)


The 3 above singles are not my songs, by other artists who have the same spelling or similar names.

They need their own pages.

Thank you for working hard!