My artist account is merged with someone else

Hi, I'm a Christian singer and I found out my music is merged with another artist that happens to have the same name as mine. There's a way those profile can be separate by genre? Mine is Christian/Religious and the other guy is under Trance/Dance (He is a DJ).

Spotify and iTunes already separate my music. Wondering if you can do that as well.

Thank you so much!

Here're the link of my singles

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Hola @alexandernelson he creado un perfil de artista con tu Ep y lo puedes encontrar aquí:
Saludos y disculpa los inconvenientes


My band recently started back up after a 7 year Hiatus, and in the meantime two other bands albums have landed on our page. Can these be removed? 

Link to our page

Our album links 


And these are the two albums that do not belong on our page


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Hi Julien, I asked the right team to create a new profile for you! 🙂

Hello, i bought distrokid few days ago and uploaded some music on deezer, spotify, apple music ect..

Now i see that my music merged with some other accounts, i thought that distrokid will make new profile on deezer, like it did on spotify, so how can i split them and have my own deezer account where i can have my music, i uploaded three songs:

”Shusha - Noćne more”

”Shusha - Cesta”

”Shusha - Tron”

Can anyone help me, thank you in forward :).

@Rudi @Jaime.@Rafael. 

Hello, My name is Siku.

artist page:

I just successfully claimed my artist page , the request has bee approved .

The thing is there are othervtracks and Album from artist with the same name merged on page.

This is pretty problematic and i would like to know how to fix that problem .

1-My tracks & Ep (also featurings) are the following: (That Thing) -ok (Aurora) -ok (Gone Forever) -ok (The Other Side) -ok (Particles) -ok (Episode2 (Original), Episode3 (Original), Episode3 (Darkmode Remix)) -ok (Torque (Siku Remix))(Featuring) -ok (Upload 2021) - ok


2-The tracks & albums from other artists merged in &/Or featurings on my page are the following: (Indeværende År (Entire Album) - not mine (Vie) - not mine (Rookie) -not mine (No me amas)(Featuring) - not mine (Twitch (entire Ep))(Featuring) - not mine


I hope it can be fixed



hi, i’m a rapper, i just released my ep and i discovered it was uploaded/ merged with an artist account that has the same name ‘HOD’. i’ll really appreciate if i can get my own account so i can claim my own artist profile. Will be looking forward to a response from the deezer team. Thanks in advance.

here is a link to the EP.


Hi, I'm a Belgian artist (hip hop) and I found out my music is merged with another artist that happens to have the same name as mine. There's a way those profile can be separated? Also i can not claim my artist account. Is this maybe for the same reasons?

Thank you!

Here're the link of my singles, album and features:


Featured in:

I already got in touch with some of your colleagues, they told me that they are going to send me that new profile, just out of curiosity how long will that be, and thank you for replying @Rudi .

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Hey @krash could you please send me the URL on Deezer for the song that you mentioned and also the URL for the correct profile where it should be in order to help?
Thanks :)


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Hey @hodistinction 

Thanks for letting us know, I'll pass the feedback on so that it gets sorted.

Don't forget to request access to our Deezer for Creators group :wink:

@Rudi thank you. appreciated.

Hi, I just released my first single and my artist page is merged with other people’s music. More than that, their albums are linked to my artist page ! Could you fix that ?


Link to my artist page

Link to my album single (everything else on this page isn’t from me)


Thank you in advance




I’m writing as a label Mascom Records. We distributed an album:


This album is mixed with other artists with the same name Mare. Please help us and allocate this album to the new artist profile.


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Hi@Delete this 

contact support here and explain what you need etc.



I manage two artists that have their music mixed up with others’ on Deezer. If possible could new profiles could be made for them?

These are the albums:









Thanks in advance!

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Hey @Shusha 

Apologies for the inconvenience. We can surely help you with that.

We need the exact link for those tracks and for your Deezer Profile, where we can add them to :thumbsup_tone2:


I'm a musician and I also realized after my first release with Amuse that my profile had merged with someone else's.


My name is "krash." and the track is "This Light of Hope" :

Song :


It was merged with another artist who has only 1 song too. 

Please help me with this, I need to be seperated from this artist. 

Hi there,

I have had this exact same issue, I was wondering if anyone could fix it?

My artist name is Alexander Nelson, and I just released Ground Zero as an ep, put it has appeared on a profile with the same name, instead of on a profile of my own.

The ep on the lift is mine and on the right isn’t mine.

Thanks, Alex.



I have uploaded my music with on a few platforms. However, Deezer merged my artist name with another artist.


My artist name is "krash." and the song is "This Light of Hope" featuring "Pauline".

I would like our 2 profiles to be split. Here is the link :


Thank you in advance for your help and time.

Also I just realized that the person who's singing on my song has also been merged with another existing artist on deezer. Same song, "Pauline" would like to be seperated too. 

Hi @Rudi , my ep

got re-uploaded and it has since was wrongfully tagged with the other artist bearing same name as mine “HOD”. My deezer claimed artist profile is , i’d very much appreciate if it can be moved back to my profile alongside my old song ‘Balance’ too. Thanks in advance.



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Hey @hodistinction I have contacted the music team and they were able to move “Mick check ep” to your profile. However, for “Balance”, you will need to ask your provider to redeliver the album under the correct profile.
Apologies for the inconvenience.

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Hi @Siku

Sorry about the delay around here. 

I believe my colleagues from Customer Care already solved for you and your artist page is updated. 😊

Take care.🤙🏼

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Hey @augu

Your Artist page is updated too. 😊

Take care.✌🏽

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Hello @Mascom Records

Your new artist page is updated now. 😊

Take care. ✌🏾