Downloading Stopped

  • 20 September 2022
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My downloading seems to have stalled and I can no longer download any music.     I have cleared the cache and restarted my phone several times and logged off and on.  None of these things help.


What can you suggest?


Best answer by mattafloat 23 September 2022, 16:00

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5 replies

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App will only download one item at a time. Most times I’ve thought the phone or app was stuck, it’s simply tried out that the app was downloading tracks from another album or playlist somewhere else in the queue. 

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hey @a.bolcskei I am sorry to hear that.
Could you please share a screenshot with the the error message that you mentioned?

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hey @mattafloat have you updated to the latest version of Deezer app as well?

YES THANKS.    I'm actually new to Deezer so the app was the latest. It seems to be working again.

hey @mattafloat have you updated to the latest version of Deezer app as well?


Hello there,

Message: ‘the Deezer app is inactive,restart to resume download.’ 
i receive these messages in every 2 minutes.

can you advise what should I do?