Transfer music from old mobile phone to new mobile.

  • 1 November 2019
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How about you guys come up with some kind of “single use transfer code” or some kind of software that would allow us to transfer downloaded music from existing phone to new phone.

I know I can sync my music across devices, and in so doing, get my music on my new phone, but that’s just so impractical, and I am sure for a lot of people costly to pay to download the music again. Not to mention just plain inefficient.

How about a tool that if a subscriber plugs two phones (both with Deezer app installed & registered to the same account obviously) into their mac/pc, and signs into Deezer from a browser, then downloaded content can be moved/copied between devices?

There must be some simple way you guys can help with this..

Many thanks for all the hours spent smashing music through my brains :)


8 replies

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Hey @Slinky Wizzard ! 

Thanks for reaching out :)

It is not possible to transfer music from a device to another I’m afraid. You can download your music on the phone to an SD card or the internal App Memory so you can listen to music offline on that device.  You can still log into same account on another device using your Deezer email and password but you won’t be able to transfer downloaded songs between devices for licensing reasons. What you mean is exporting and we do not have the licence as a streaming service, sorry about that. However, I have passed your feedback to our project managers and I hope that it will be considered for further developments ;) 

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to ask :) 

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Thanks for the reply. I was already up to speed on the option you gave, but unfortunately, iPhones do not have the SD Card option. (or at least my old old iPhone does not)

Guess I will just go through what I have already downloaded, decide what I will start with as the base for my music collection on my new phone, and download again, and then build a new library. :)

But, I do think that you need to have a discussion with the powers that be in the “License Dept” and see if you can’t possibly hammer out a way for members to transfer music to a new device. I would say that being able to do that once every two years would be a a good start point, as most people (most regular people that is) replace/renew their phones every second year.

Thanks again

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Hello @Slinky Wizzard on iPhones you do not need a SD Card, it simply stores downloads on the phone :wink:

Don’t worry, all your music is always saved under “My Music” in your Deezer account. It will be always available on any device unless you have deleted it. Your downloads will only be available on the device where you have actively downloaded them by activating the download button in the playlist or album. If you have a new device simply activate the download button again while you have a strong Wifi connection and wait until download is completed, done :slight_smile:

It is technically not possible to move downloaded songs outside of the Deezer app on a different storage medium. Downloaded music can only be accessed within the Deezer app.

If you have any further questions, please let me know.

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Hi, thanks for taking the time to reply. At the risk of sound like a twat, your reply is all stuff that I do know. This was more a suggestion kind of thread, because, data is not always affordable to everybody and plenty people do not have access to a free wifi access point.

It was just something that came to mind while I was getting a new phone. Just needed more space for music on mine, so I was figuring out how much data It was going to burn through.

But it’s a moot point, doesn’t really matter, I will burn as much data as it takes to have my music with me all the time.

And, if I compare how much I used to spend buying music, the monthly subscription and data costs could never run that high. Now if only this kind of music streaming service had been available for my entire life, but, at least we have it now.

Thanks again tho

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Hi there @Slinky Wizzard 

Thanks for your support and feedback. We've taken it on and relayed to the relevant teams here :thumbsup_tone2:

You have collected $9.99 out of my account  and I have a different phone  now. How do I transfer the services to my new phone. Have the  same phone  number. 

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Hello @Pthompson, theoretically you just need to download the app on the new phone and use the same credentials as before to log in.

Let us know if you need further help!

I just upgraded my iPhone for more storage as well and it does seem odd, that in this day and age, there is no way to transfer ‘my favorites’ which have been download to my old phone to my new iPhone.  Same login credentials so should not be a licensing issue.  I have 183 albums downloaded and no way to get those same 183 albums downloaded to my new phone.