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Hi All!
Just thought I will share a little tip to improve your flow!

Flow distinguishes us from everyone else.

Improving your Flow

If you’ve only just started with Deezer, Flow only knows what you picked when you signed up. So it might not get it right all the time.
The basic way to improve your Flow, is by adding more content to your favorites ❤️ Whether it’s an album, an artist, a track; Flow absorbs it all.

My Music

Flow and My Music work hand-in-hand:
❤️Use your Flow to find music to add to your favorites
❤️Use My Music to add more things to Flow
❤️Building up your library with all sorts of content is the best way to get your Flow to be on top form.

Also, see here how to block an artist on Deezer!

♫ What is your best discovery from Flow?

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Hi there @idougal 

Thanks for reporting this to us. Could you try clearing the app's cache and restarting the device to see if it makes a difference? It mustn't play songs you excluded. But it could be that it's playing a very similar version of the same track. Let us know :v_tone2: