Problem sorting playlists by recently added

  • 23 October 2018
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Hi, I'm having a problem with my 'recently added' section in the favorite tracks on Deezer family in my smartphone. Normally, the recent song added to the playlist comes first (on top) in the playlist and then followed by the older ones below but, in my case the oldest songs are coming first and then the newer ones are at the complete bottom. This order is usually in form of the 'default' settings but I have not set my playlist order to 'default'. The tracks order do not change and remain the same for both the 'default' and 'recently added'. The thing I am not comfortable with is, going all the way to the bottom of my 600+ songs every time just to listen to my recently added music. I have tried reinstalling the app hoping that it will show my recently added songs in correct order but that didn't work. On the desktop Deezer, it correctly shows the order of my recently added songs from the newest being on the top and the oldest being in the bottom. I mainly use Deezer family on my Smartphone and having this inconvenience is really setting me off. Is there a way I can EASILY revert this issue? I've tried to change my playlist order on the desktop but I have to do one song individually which will take me forever as I have 600+ songs as mentioned. This is very stressful as I listen to music on Deezer everyday. I hope you understand. Looking forward to your reply, thanks!

78 replies

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Hi there, sorry about that. We have had other users complaining about this, too, but I was not able to reproduce the problem. Can you please tell me which device this is happening on and which Deezer version you have installed?
this happens to me, this happens on my PC using chrome, but also extends to the most recent update of the mobile app on android.

does deezer store the sort option i choose, cause it looks to be resetting and i have to re sort everytime i use deezer

edit: resort everytime i visit my favorited track playlist
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Hi @Project.Funky sorry about that. We do have some issues with this, but for very few users and it is difficult to reproduce it. Are the lists showing the same order on different devices though?
@Flo.Deezer Same behavior here. It's extremely annoying.

I added some new songs to favorites using Deezer for Web. Then, I opened the app and the list sorting was completely messed up since then. I'm not able to get the list ordered by the recently added.

Important to mention that it's only happening in the Deezer mobile app. Please, help me.

OnePlus 5 Android 9
This has also started on my phone.
Software version Deezer
Galaxy s10 android 9
Hello, I have the same problem since the latest update on all my devices (mobile, tablet and laptop) ... Could you fix it as soon as possible?
Thanks !
HI, All.

Same issue on my Galaxy S10+.

PC and Web is fine.
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Hi there @Renato Caio @Mark Campbell @SOLO_888 @Clem25

Thank you for reporting back and the details. We're happy to pass the feedback to our devs so they can look into it!
Hi everyone

Same problem here on my Mi 9T

Android 9

Web and PC is fine.
I have got the same problem, only on the mobile app too.
Tracks are not ordered by "Recently added" but seemingly random.
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Hey @Bruno Macedo @Tristan.Geiser

Thanks for reporting. Have you uploaded any MP3s to the app? If yes, could you unmark them as favourites (if applicable).
I had the same problem on my mobile (huawai) for 2 days , and now it seems OK again (for now).
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Glad to see I'm not the only one.

On my side, if I order by Recently Added on my P30 Lite, some older tracks show up first, followed by newer ones and then all random after that.

I've tried to clear all the app data. Uninstall, reinstall. Still the same issue 😕

A friend of mine actually introduced me to YouTube Music, kinda liking it more everyday now and depending on how long this takes to get resolved, and any other potential issues down the line will have an impact of when I'm moving my family over to YouTube Music.
I am not able anymore to order my playlist of the favourites from recently added to long-ago. When are you gonna fix this problem? It starts to irritate really much.
Got the same problem PC and PC app is fine. Huawei P30 pro and Samsung both loaded with Software version Deezer Selected "Recently added" but seemingly random, many uploaded MP3's first, but even rest of Deezer tracks kind of random. If I select default everything ok .
Please help
I'm having this problem on my Samsung S9+. Super annoying, newest songs should be at the top
Same problem. Happens on mobile, and only in the favourites playlist. It's EXTREMELY ANNOYING.

Android 9.0
Mobile app only

Unmark MP3s from my favorites would be removing 50% of my favorites so I refuse to use this joke of a non-solution. I expect a real fix...
it's still not resolved ..

Same problems after last update on Android (OnePlus 7Pro, Android 9). Still not resolved. It’s really annoying.

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@Flo.Deezer Any comments yet? This is getting ridiculous. Loads of people complaining about the exact same problem. Doesn't this render your dev team to actually have a look?


I'm really really contemplating asking for a refund for this month and moving to YouTube Music instead.


Super disappointed

I’m unsubscribing to deezer for the moment as the problem is still not resolved.

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We're still working on this, guys. Thank you for your patience and for your support! Keep looking for updates to our app :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi, in my favourite tracks when I choose to display it from recently added it doesn't display according to the last favourited song. It use to work before but there was an update and since then it stopped working correctly. Please can this be checked out. 

I have the same problem

Same problem as well