Not playing playlist tracks on my Free Deezer account

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My custom playlist is playing random songs I don't have in my playlist and I don't understand why!? My account is free but I've had a Deezer account for a few years now and I've never had this problem. How can it be fixed?

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It’s a free account. It’s still the same today. How do I fix this?  Did a android update & the same. No point in using Deezer now.

I have it too

Hi. I have the same problem. It is not playing my songs, but songs that are not even on my list. I uninstalledand reinstalled the App, but, the problem persists. Kindly assist me. 

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Hello all @lukegregory6@olinkas@bazzabee@Yegor@Joanne93@pampmyride@amisha.banga@Stuart.McArthur@Miles@Tezcan.Alkan@ophelia777@Ian.Burchnall@shamim.W@attardmj@sadboyhours05@BruBru@vvilma@Ian.Farrell, @Diana Herman, @Ali Ahsan, @Zjaan Schoeman, @Renzo.Peperkamp, thank you all for your feedback on this matter. The team is already investigating this issue for free accounts, I will let you know once I have more information. I have gathered all messages regarding this issue on this topic so you all get updated at the same time :slight_smile:

Why have you stopped playing my PLAYLIST after being with you for a few years?

If this is a corona virus present = I'm not impressed.

→ It’s not, sorry about that :mask:

I know I want to listen to a range of rock from black Sabbath to good Charlotte and I get bloody dua lipa🙄

→ Apologies! :pray:


I've created a few playlists, but in the last two days, whenever I pick a list, it's not playing any song of the list; it plays songs of artists that I don't know and genres I don't want to hear.

My playlist loads and when I press “shuffle” it does not play any of the tracks from my list.


Also it plays tracks I have never listed to every time I access my account.

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Hi all @lukegregory6, @olinkas, @bazzabee, @Yegor, @Joanne93, @pampmyride, @amisha.banga, @Stuart.McArthur, @Miles, @Renzo.Peperkamp, @Tezcan.Alkan, @ophelia777, @Ian.Burchnall, @Ali Ahsan, @shamim.W, @attardmj, @sadboyhours05, @BruBru, @vvilma, @Ian.Farrell, @Diana Herman, @Zjaan Schoeman, @litu, @Faris.Khalid :grin:

The issue should have been fixed by now, can you try on your side and let me know?

Thanks people :wink:

Hi Kev, Free Deezer - seems to work now, nice sounds again! cheers, Mike

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@pampmyride I’m happy to read that :wink:

Take care!

Hi, Kev.

It’s working fine now! :blush:


I almost deleted my account over it, a couple times now actually. Right around those same times, I happened to Iet my premium service lapse.

As a reward for the years of faithful service otherwise, they'll immediately take away all the songs that person ever favorited. Thereby becoming the "Netflix" of music apps...where you'll always find something (like) what you wanted! 

Which given how wildly-OFF, "Flow" is about my tastes in general, turning this app on without paying first, then becomes nothing short of musical torture.

Which would be why I decided to just download songs straight to my phone and say to hell with these greedy music apps, all together!

Though Deezer is by far the best one out there, with paid subscription...ya just cant beat free. Let alone tracks that dont disappear due to licensing nonsense, played through a FAR superior amp/eq, unbothered by constant messages, memory on your phone being gobbled up over 1g or so of space, from one day of listening. To say nothing of the childish nature shown to their customers, that made this particular thread necessary, to begin with. 

So ima finish picking out the songs I want from my lists here, then delete Deezer, Pandora, Spotify milk music and the rest of the musical greed machine, outta my life permenantly. Thanks for that final push I needed, to do so Deezer...

Peace out, bitches!


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Hi @Gemini75 thank you for contacting us :slight_smile: Please bear in mind that this topic is about a technical bug which only lasted 2 days and was then fixed.

However, we would like to help you with your Deezer experience as well. I just checked your Deezer account and can see in our system that you have had PREMIUM all the time without a break since December 2019. Flow is an algorithm which has to be trained for your personal taste - please read all tipps & tricks here :wink:

Due to music licensing rights we get from artists, record labels and publishers we are not allowed to offer Deezer Free users all our features. Deezer Free users can still save favourites and listen to them without any limits on PC and Mac. 

In any case, I recommend to only choose one music streaming service and only have one single account, so you only pay 9.99 per month. Yes, digital music is using a lot of data and storage - so please always use Wifi or download your playlists OR if you prefer you could support your favourite artists by buying their records instead :slight_smile:

Please let me know if you have any further questions.

Peace and love

My playlist has random songs playing in it, like I have the same artist in one, and it switch’s to a random artist. How do I fix that ?

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Hey @Alfie Baker have you tried to turn off automatic recommendations at the end of the queue?