Google Play Music is shutting down - features comparison/suggestions

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This is why you need to cancel Google Play Music for Deezer Premim.

Google reached me out, paying since 2016, that they will close GPM and I am like what? They indeed offered for same price YouTube Music but it is awful. Most of my tracks, are available, but these 20% are not. Why to change for worse product paying the same? Didn’t like interface at all.

On YTM it takes ages to scroll one playlist with 300 songs… and you ask why Deezer?

GPM users are not happy with YTM and I bet some of them will go to your service as well. It is unacceptable to force paid customers for worse service closing old one.

I want to go Deezer Premium because you offer what GPM gave me, LOTS of music, 320K MP3 and, amazing music experience from browsing to listening. I am subscribed for Free now and start transfering music over (3 lists). Is there anything to make it easier? Any tips!

On YouTube Music they offer 256 kb/s, really? On GPM it was 320K all songs...

I’d like to start from when ready with free trial. I also want to continue, because I am 110% sure it is the best option for me, GPM will close by the end of 2020 -- so a bit in a hurry. Can you help me.

I want to get best offer from you, one year payments with only 10 months.

Can I get FREE trial and then one year for 99. Or is it only 99 without trial, or trial and then 9,99 month by month. How to get both offers. Paying for Google Music didn’t receive any other discounts than worse service and forced update… I am usually paying for service year after year to listen music EDM. I hope my music will stay here to enjoy. I need home for my lists for years to come.

I think it’ll be better because Deezer stays for the music and they won’t ruin it like Google did…

They literally made me cancel their subscription (since 2016) with one email and bad offer.

Now I am sitting at my couch looking what Deezer has to offer.


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I am now One Year on Deezer Music. Time is flying…

29.06.2020 I had my Free which I instantly upgraded to annual Premium. 29.06.2021 is now and I am one year full here. Annual Premium is about expire for Annual Hifi, I am so glad!

2248 liked tracks, weeks or months of listened music, several playlists...

Google said we are closing in 2021 Google Music, I opened Deezer Music trial...

I was one year on Premium, next Annual will be on Hifi. I like Deezer because it is like using Google Music I liked. I used to like all the music here and I can find ever more on Deezer. The best thing about Deezer is much better customer service than on Google ever. They are friendly, fast and caring. Bugs fixed. I really enjoy this site, is most used app on my Galaxy phone.

Android app improved so much this one year.

Web App has bugs yes, but they are coming with a plan now to fix all that. I am really happy.

I can’t wait to celebrate two years with all of you ;)

My celebration music on Deezer and today was lots of sauna and drinks…

Thank you so much Deezer for the music!

Hi, now i know what happened My suggestion is to use musconv tool to transfer any playlist to anywhere.