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  • 3 December 2018
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Flow has started playing songs i said to never play again. Five songs in a row this has happened. Not to mention the weird genres that have started playing. Never have i heard it before and i dont want to hear it again. I feel like they got the guy who did the web page redesign to mess with the algorithm. Does anyone else have this problem?

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Rudi, to you as a community manager, I might also add: I appreciate your position, but you’re probably -- or at least in my opinion -- doing more harm than good with these overeager displays of commitment. This problem has persisted for longer than I’m a Deezer customer and if indeed, the concern had reached its intended addresse(s) as desired, things would or could have changed. The lack of improvement can only be attributed to a severe lack of resources, interest or competence. Regardless, it is evidence of a grave lack of capability. Deezer is apparently not putting effort into fixing this. And it would be in Deezer’s own interest to transparently admit to the problem, rather than trying to appease their customers beyond any reasonable extent.

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Sorry you feel that way @ManDay. I agree with many of your points.

But I must say that what you call "overeager displays of commitment" is actually based on the fact that our developers are fully aware that the 'ban feature' needed work - and that already started. This is so that recommendations do indeed improve. That's the feedback we've got when asking them: "look, our users don't like it, what are you doing about it?"

Hence the recent changes in Flow moving to the home page and other cards being added to aid the user to have a more personalised music experience. We're not crossing our arms and lacking in interest but perhaps sometimes we lack in resources - as we want to improve what we've got, adding new features to keep everyone engaged and excited and make sure that our catalogue is relevant and attractive. With that in mind, we're unable to prioritise and deliver everything at the same time.

So to help this (recommendations), we're working on a 'ban list' for those not recommended tracks and artists. This way, we hope that the feature works more permanently - so that you don't get those who you said 'I don't like', for example.

This is as transparent as I can be at the moment. Thank you for your support and understanding.

@Rudi Thank you for the straight response. I do indeed find it interesting and fairly transparent that you say that Deezer is lacking resources to solve this issue on top of the things that are already under development.

From a technical point of view, it is, without any question, unjustificable that over the course of one year -- as by this thread’s timestamps -- Deezer’s development team has failed to get the “ban feature” to work. This is, without any exaggeration and regardless of how badly the code-base might be messed up (which I don’t assume it is), as simple as an `if` code-block. “If <song> is in <list of banned songs>, then don’t select it for playback”.

Deezer’s failure at this isn’t technical of nature, and I don’t think it’s a lack of technical competence among your developers (or lack of the latter), either. In my opinion and from what I read out of your response, it’s an issue of mismanagement: People making short-sighted or uneducated decisions given Deezer’s current market position.

This policy -- and forgive me for so bluntly quoting -- of “adding new features” to “keep everyone engaged and excited”, all while frustrating the regular and longtime customers with a dysfunctional core is a strategy which will cost Deezer direly.

Exciting features may help to make a name and gain initial momentum. But Deezer is already an established competitor to Spotify with a large customer base. What Deezer needs to do now (and would have needed) is to deliver to their clientele with quality. Otherwise they will inevitably lose that clientele; but losing customers is not the same as not having had them in the first place. When you frustrate your customers, they will leave you for good. Plus word gets around.

Someone in Deezer’s lead hasn’t understood that and they are currently mismanaging Deezer into oblivion with their focus on sensationalism and gimmicks, that is my take on all of this.

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Yeah mine just came up at the start of the “Today we made for you” list, but it’s exactly the same as last time I played it probably a week ago, including all the songs I said never to recommend.

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Yeah mine just came up at the start of the “Today we made for you” list, but it’s exactly the same as last time I played it probably a week ago, including all the songs I said never to recommend.


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Yeah mine just came up at the start of the “Today we made for you” list, but it’s exactly the same as last time I played it probably a week ago, including all the songs I said never to recommend.


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Thanks for reporting it @teqteq, we'll pass it on to our devs.

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This can be changed easily - here are the best tips for a smooth FLOW and interesting new discoveries :slight_smile:

  • You can always click on "Add to Favourite Songs" (the small heart) or small angry-face » "Don’t recommend this track” or “Don’t recommend this artist”. These three reactions have a much stronger positive effect on your FLOW than simply skipping to the next track
  • You also have the option to click on the small angry-face and change the mood completely in case you do not like the genre or vibe at all 
  • The more you listen to your FLOW and the more you click - the better your Flow algorithm 
  • The best way to improve your FLOW is to mark hundreds of songs AND artists with a small heart 
  • Delete songs from your favourites that you don't want to hear right now (save the song only in a playlist instead)
  • Click away the small heart of everything that belongs to a music genre that you otherwise don't like at all (save the song only in a playlist instead)

Please bear in mind that your FLOW is 50% favourites and 50% discovery - to balance out preferences of different users around the world. If you prefer to only listen to your Favourites instead simply listen to Shuffle My Music. If you prefer to discover more new music instead simply click on the Discover playlist next to your FLOW. You can also browse through the New releases to find new music. Enjoy!

My flow has been a waste of time for as long as I can remember, spending much more time at home due to the virus, I thought I’d look into sorting it.

I have just been bounced over from support to community but it looks as though it’s not “my flow”, it’s just “flow” that is broken.

I have done everything suggested in the preceeding post. I have 300 or so liked tracks and a similar number of liked albums over around 100 liked artists. Despite this, I keep having to give up on flow after having to stop what I’m doing to repeatedly hit dislike.

Playing via sonos, I don’t have the nuanced “change the mood” option or “Don’t recommend this artist”, so I have been trying that at my laptop. 

No difference.

It would be possibly helpful if there was some “recommended because...” information so we could help determine what is going wrong.

I wan’t to discover new music. I’m always looking for new music. I would have thought 50/50 I would have at least heard a track from one of the artists in my favourites now and again.

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Hi @englishteeth thank you for contacting us in order to improve your Flow. I just checked your account and can confirm that you have definitely marked enough songs, albums and artists as favourites :wink:

However, you have only excluded 5 artists of recommendations - could you please dislike more songs and more artists instead of simply skipping to the next song. I can understand that this is difficult if you mainly listen to Deezer via SONOS.

Could you please let me know if maybe other family members are using your profile sometimes and listen to music you do not like so much?

Have you tried the playlist Discovery and the New Releases of your favourite genre as well?

I am finding lately that I spend most of my time disliking artists and songs, in my flow, along with skipping songs that I have already disliked… Very rarely do I get to listen to 3 songs in a row without doing on of these 2 things… There is also a lot of genres which I have never listened to before (such as grunge) which are appearing as recommendations in my flow, along with songs and artists in languages foreign to me… 


Please have this resolved soon, as I am seriously considering moving to a different platform because of this frustration. I can’t actually listen to music I spend most of my time “teaching” (without the other party learning) what are likes and dislikes… 

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Thank you for your feedback and for your patience @Gharknee  - we're looking into this. In the meantime, could you please try clearing the app's cache?  I've added your personal details to the report.

There have been other reports for Flow doing the same :pray_tone2:

I am having a huge flow issue. I pretty much listen to Christian music and a few other things. The stuff on flow is not only stuff I wouldn't listen but opposes my beliefs. 

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Thanks for reporting this @Airchun - sorry Flow hasn't been up to your standards. There are ways to improve it, as you can see from here :wink:

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Having issue here too. Flow keeps playing same song over and over despite having indicated not to play song or artist again.  Also, it seems I’m at the end of Flow as it won’t go to any next song.  It just stays on that song. 

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Hi there @Soundchasr 

Thanks for letting us know. Have you tried clearing the app's cache? If yes, please consider reinstalling the app and checking this topic here :v_tone2:

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