Fix Last FM Scobbleing

  • 18 October 2021
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Deezer’s implementation of Last FM scrobbling is horrendous. It feels just thrown in there and incomplete.

A few of my issues.

  • Biggest Complaint: Stop scrobbling every song, like if I listened to something on flow for 3 seconds, i don’t want it scrobbled. Easily improved by a simple if statement.
    • if (song position in seconds > (song length in seconds * 0.5))
      • submit to Last FM
    • Not perfect because some accidental scrobbles could occur, but so much better than ever song being scrobbled.
  • Roku TV App doesn’t scrobble at all
  • There is no now listening to feature
  • Implementation of Last FM setup is hidden, and wonky with family accounts.

Like for a service that targets enthusiasts, this shouldn’t be that poorly implemented.

One of the biggest reasons for me to switch back to something else right now, and it makes it worse is the biggest issues is so easy to fix from a technical standpoint. Like if Deezer was opensource, me or anyone else who cares could have fixed/improved this issue in less than a hour..

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