Can't access Flow Moods

  • 1 November 2021
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I could not get to the Flow Moods feature. As per email notification, I am not sure how to access Flow Moods on mobile app. The only Flow feature I see is the one listed on 'Made for you' under music page. We can only play musics using this feature. Hence, I don't know how we can get to 'Tap on the Flow button at the top of player' as advised in the email and eventually the wheel of moods. 

I was thinking maybe need to update the app. Upon uninstalled and reinstalled the app plus switching off and on my mobile phone, it was to no avail. It is the same music page and flow feature we have. 

Please assist



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6 replies

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Hey @awykuan 

Please start your flow and then take a screenshot. Then put the screenshot here. Thanks.

Hey Dee, attached screenshots. The Flow feature as usual can play music when tap on it. For Flow Moods, I have no idea at all.

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Please tap the song after you've started the flow. Then comes the window with the title. At the top you click on the colorful ball again and you can select the moods.


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Hello @awykuan 

When you’re ready, start by hitting Flow. As soon as your music starts playing, you’ll be able to see the Flow Moods rainbow wheel icon above the cover art. Tap it and select the musical mood that’s right for you.

To access Flow Moods, users must have the latest version of Deezer app and min. Android 4.4 or iOS 12.x

Thanks :)

Wow, I got it. Thanks very much to Dee and Alfredo. You guys are great!

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@awykuan Cooool!

Enjoy the Flow Moods! ;)