Why is my payment being refused?

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I am trying to subscribe with my banking info but it keeps saying Transaction failed. What can i do to rectify this?
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Hey @AliOost ! Please find further information in this topic 😉 Please also try on a PC or laptop using Chrome or Firefox and make sure that cache and cookies are clear. If the issue persists, please get in touch with your bank and ask them to look into it;)
I cant make a payment
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Hey @Edogg ! The only thing we can see in our system is that your bank is refusing the payment, please get in touch with your bank and try to subscribe again in about a week time and find further info in this thread 😉
Good day,

I am from South Africa and have been trying multiple times to subscribe to the family package (free trial expired) but Deezer does not want to accept my Capitec mastercard payment. My card type is supported. Why is there payment failure each time I try to subscribe?
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Hey @LvZ7603 ! I can see all payments have been declined by your bank 😕 Please find further info in this thread 🙂
Hi i went to speak to my bank and they have unblocked you to collect the August payment i checked on my account you still haven't collected the money. Could you please let me know when you've recieved the payment i need to deactivate the account.

Kind regards
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Hey there @tsosimelane

Please look above for further help, you may need to speak to our support team 👍🏼
Please collect the last payment for this month it's still reflecting that the money hasn't been collected i want to unsubscribe as soon as you've done so
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Hi there @tsosimelane

Please do contact our support team here 😉
I wanted to change my payment information (the credit card I was using got stolen) but I get an error stating that I'm trying to use a credit card located in another country or something like that??? I live in France and have a French banking account (and therefore a French credit card) and a subscription that I mostly use in France. I don't get why I can't update with the new credit card. The old one was issued by the same bank.
Can you please help me out so I can enjoy music during my holidays.
Thanks in advance
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Hi there @Ana Popescu

I've had a brief look at your account and your subscription is set to Iceland. This means that your payment will be declined because it isn't from an Icelandic bank, for instance. So you need to cancel your subscription and resubscribe from France, where I assume you live. Then French payment methods should work. For more assistance with this issue, please contact our support team 😉
Thanks for your help. Is all good now
Trying to re activate my deezer....but it wont accept any type of payment ...just wondering why.....its crazy theres no customer support...
have a new credit card but web page won’t let me enter expiry date or month
I am trying to update my subscription but am being refused. I have sufficient funds on my card and my bank has no issues on their end. Have used the same card on many occasions to subscribe before.
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Hi there @jjgar20 @brian1970 @Sara.Alden

Sorry you're having difficulties. Please see the topic above for more info 👍🏼