Why is my payment being refused?

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I've been trying to make payment for the premium offer but find it exhausting. The cards are not being accepted via the payment option given. Is there any other way I can make payment?
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Hi @Stephanas
You can pay using PayPal too .
Which type of credit cards are U trying to use ?
dear Sir pls I don't understand I tried to upgrade from premium to family and anytime I pay it doesn't accept payments but when I pay for premium then it goes but I have enough funds in my account too. pal help me resolve this issues
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Hi @Frederick.Aryee please see above for troubleshooting steps if the transaction failure is the issue. Otherwise let me know what error message you are getting exactly.
I Would like to know why I'm having problems with my suscription payment. I want to change from a credit card to a debit card but there's a message that says the automatic payment is rejected. I want to pay as usual and I want to tell me how to solve this, llegase.. .
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Hi @Juan.Carlos.Portillo.Flores I could see that it has worked now. Let us know if you still need help 😉
I would like to subscribe to family but after adding the card details i get an error. Could you please check?

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Hi @Cosmin A I could see that your account has been blocked for security reasons. Please contact support for more info 😉