wanted hifi free 3 months trial but ended up with premium by mistake. can this be changed to hifi free 3 months in any way?

  • 2 May 2021
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Hi there. I wanted to get the free 3 months trial for Deezer hifi but had a problem with payment because of bad signal on my phone.

I went onto Google free trial and ended up with premium 3 months free by mistake.

I really wanted to see if the hifi was the best studio  quality as advertised so i am disappointed having cancelled Spotify premium as this is just the same.

Is it possible to upgrade to free 3 months hifi as I only did it a couple of hours ago in some way?.

Thanks for your help in advance.

Regards Jane.

1 reply

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Hi @Stuscan I would love to help with this request but my hands are tied. You need to get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and check with one of our agents if they can help you to switch to HiFi and cancel your 3 months premium trial.
Let me know how it goes.
Thanks :)