Want to share my audio recording with my employees

  • 20 September 2021
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Hi everyone

I am facing an issue. The issue is I have almost 600+ employees in my company fast labour hire. I have to guide them according to the current situations. It is not an easy task for me to send a message them one by one. I wanna ask that can I create a private channel on Deezer with my employees? So that, I can just record a message and upload it on Deezer private channel and everyone can listen it. If its paid feature then I am ready to pay for it. Please tell me about it. Thank you

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1 reply

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Hello @Hendry Jhon 

Unfortunately that tool/option wouldn't be available on Deezer as you would need to record all your messages as mp3’s and then upload them to your mp3’s playlist; but mp3’s can’t be listened by other people rather than you due to copyright issues.

You can give it a go and start to use Deezer and maybe you will find something that could work for your team and you

Register on and download the Deezer app to your mobile device and/or desktop.

Enjoy Deezer!! :bulb: