Upgraded to Family and got charged twice on the same month

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I have had before deezer family then I accidentaly( while I was changing paying method) switched to premium. I want to go back to family but I dont know how?? Please advice what to do. I dont want to lose my playing lists. Deezer offers me only to subscribe to premium again. I am afraid if I get back ro free version before changing ti family I will lose all my songs.
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Hi @mianubi You just need to activate Family here:, that is all.

You might be charged for Premium as well and Family, please see above how to get a refund through our support team 😉
I've been a premium member for 2 years which I pay for monthly on 21st of the month @ £9.99.Yesterday 29th September I decided to change to family member & you've withdrawn £14.99 straight away when it's not due until 21st October?? Surely as a long standing member you're not going to charge me twice for a period of membership???
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Hi @snapey sorry about that. That is just how our system works, you have been advised that you are charged immediately at the moment of payment. Please contact our support, they will see what they can do 😉
I wanted to sign up for deezer family but accidently paid for deezer premium at £9.99 then was charged £14.99 for deezer family straight away. How do I get the £9.99 back?
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HI @david34eyes please see above 😉
HI I've just noticed I've been charged £9.99 and then another payment of £14.99 aswell please can you sort this out and I would like a refund aswell
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HI @Lisa.Cornfield please see above 😉
@Rafael My subscribtion was billed on the 23rd and I switched to familly only a few days after thinking I would be credited for the balance of the previous subscribtion. How can I get this adjusted as I have paid twice?
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Hi @lacourda please see above 😉
I had deezer premium and I wanted family pack why can't I just be charged the 5 dollars difference instead of paying another 14.99
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Hey @Terri Richert ! I moved your topic to this existing one as everything is explained here 🙂