Trying to restore my Deezer account

  • 1 June 2020
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I need to know why my account was blacklisted so i can fix it and not repeat the mistake. I asked this question years ago and was eventually ignored. I have money and would like to restore my account. when i go to pay it says my account is blacklisted. This was years ago and when I downloaded and logged in today in hopes something has changed I still have a red border on my screen so I assume I'm blacklisted. If I have to start a new account and switch my playlist over, that's fine but I'd like to know why my account was blacklisted in the first place.

3 replies

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Hello @Trajan , you should request the help of our customer support team, they may be able to either retrieve your account or tell you what happened.

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I've been a subscriber for more than 6 years. Always paid. Now I stopped automatic payment and you guy's won't let me sign in to listen. I wouldn't be upset but it's taken me years to have my favorites and now I can't listen? Please help

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Hello @tholt, you mean you cannot log into your account? Whatever this is, we don’t want to prevent you from accessing it. I’m sure our customer support team can help you with this :slight_smile: