Switching ADMIN User on Deezer Family


We have a family account. I need to switch the ADMIN account to another user. How can this be done?

Thank you.

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Hi @Kach 


as you’re all using the same information/account  to log in - anybody who’s logged in can make changes to the profiles?


I hope that makes sense / helps!

Let us know if you have any other questions :)

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Hello @Kach, do you mean you want to make another profile administrator?

Hello @Kach, do you mean you want to make another profile administrator?

Yes. I would also like to know.

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Hello @edylsonalmeiida, it’s unfortunately not possible at the moment, the administrator profile is the one paying the Family subscription.

need same feature. Will you make it in nearest future?

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Possible process for changing the admin:

Admin (old) removes all linked members
Admin (old) cancels his family subscription

Another family member books a new family subscription and becomes Admin (new) there.
Admin (new) sends the other members an invitation to the new family subscription

As soon as the canceled subscription by Admin (old) has expired, the account is downgraded to Deezer Free.
Now Admin (new) can send an invitation to Admin (old) and add him/her to the new family subscription. Admin (old) becomes a normal member of the new family subscription.

Voilà! :slight_smile: