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  • 14 November 2017
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Hello Deezer,
let me follow up the same question. Literally 1 hour ago I would upgrade my many years premium account to a family premium. My house is full of SONOS devices and we have two kids. All sounded just great and together with the Kids under 12 profile option this seemed like to answer to our questions. My kids play small kids content and music on our SONOS devices and it must not surprise that my FLOW etc. gets completely messed up.

Now I gave up my anual premium subscription (still 9 months paid in advance) and shifted to the monthly family, just to find out I can switch to sub profiles on SONOS.

Now I am reading here „we are working on it“ or „we are not working on it“. Please come back with a definite answer. Otherwise you are really pushing out customers and after so many years I will have to look into alternatives.
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Hi @Andreas K. I completely understand your frustration, but I am afraid we have no definite answer on this. We do not have any information that this is a feature we are looking to implement soon, but that does not mean that this can change as well. It is very hard to say as it depends on different factors. I am very sorry if this is not the answer you were hoping for.
Hi does anyone know how to stream different family accounts through Deezer? Have just set up Deezer family to find I only I can stream my music flow etc.
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Hi does anyone know how to stream different family accounts through Deezer? Have just set up Deezer family to find I only I can stream my music flow etc.

Hi there, please see above! 😉
I have just cancelled my Deezer family account partly because of this restriction. Spotify does not have this problem.

Additionally, the suggested solution is not helpful if I don't have Apple devices (I don't) and if I have Sonos devices not on the short list given which support AirPlay (I do).
It is baffling how inept companies are at responding to clear issues like this - both in terms of recognizing the need to implement a solution and communicating plans/status to customers over YEARS asking for the same. I think it pretty evident the profile vs. login design decision is the culprit. A "Deezer profile" is a much more proprietary method of personalization vs. a standard login/authentication.

I've had enough of having my Flow polluted by my kids playing tracks from Deezer via Sonos because they can't switch profiles. I will not renew beyond April and switch to Spotify if it is not resolved. I have my son investigating playlist conversions now.

I hope to be pleasantly surprised with a solution.

All the best.

P.S. I also don't understand why Deezer would quote an Airplay integration as a solution to anyone other than Apple users?
Same here. Just upgraded to Family only to find out it does not work with Sonos. And given the above thread, I have no faith this issue will be resolved soon. So I guess I too will switch to Spotify, been a paying Deezer user since 2015. Makes you wonder how many clients Deezer lose because of this. Shame.
One big USP for Deezer is the restricted area for kids with the Family subscription. We have at home in each room Sonos speakers, but not in the kids rooms. Spotify & Co. are not an option, because they have no specific kid profiles with filters for adult content. So every time we must give the children a smartphone with the respective Family profile.

It could be so easy and we would buy two additional Sonos speakers...
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Thanks for the feedback @Delerium
We're working on that, we're aware how important it is to be able to select Family profiles on devices such as the Sonos system. We'll keep you updated!
Hi, it is a little bit frustrating to read after more than a year that you realise how important it is and nothing had changed.

How difficult could it be to add a E-Mailadress for every family user account?

What can we do to increase the priority on this topic?

Kind regards
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Hi there @Homersn

Thanks for your feedback - we understand the frustration. There's no need to add priority to this topic because the feedback we've received was sufficient to move the idea forward. Once we have more concrete info, we'll share it here!
Hi @Stephane Loyer, you can't switch between profiles on Sonos atm. But we're working on that and I hope this will be possible in the future!

Hi @Anja ,
one year ago you posted this. I switched a month ago from Spotify to Deezer, because of several benefits of Deezer. But this is a red flag for me.
And if this is a long term problem I cannot believe people are really working on this. Is there someone who can give a serious answer to this topic. I mean:
  • Is it really in development?
  • When will it be released (not 'soon' or 'in the future')?
Hope it will be solved.

Thanks in advance.