• 6 December 2021
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Please may I know why my monthly direct debit payments for December was £17.99 when I was previously £14.99.

This has been done without any notification to me. If the charges are to be increased, I believe you are legally supposed to notify the consumer. 


I await your response 


V Odeyale 

5 replies

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Maybe you get in spam mail.

They have changed prices in many countries giving Hifi quality you may not need.

You have two options: you can Accept the deal or Cancel the deal.

Let me know how you get on.



Thanks for taking the time to reply to my enquiry. 


I didn't understand what you meant though. 

I definitely didn't get anything through my email in box or spam.

Your message went into spam and I got it.


Anyway, what is this deal that you referred to? If I didn't know to accept or decline it, why has my subscription gone up?!


Thanks for your assistance. 


V Odeyale 

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My subscription was going up too, but I got message on email.

Sorry for misunderstanding. I mean some mails can get into spam folder.

Deezer mails are no exclude of that.

What I did with that mail when price went one euro, I changed provider.

It was priced same 10,99, but at least it was more decent value for money. Deezer price increase to include Premium with Hifi at one euro more was not ideal as Tidal just lowered their 9,99 price

to include Hifi quality in my country.

I meant you can of course decide: whether to take or not that deal.

Thanks for your advice. 


I'll check out Tidal. 

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Hey @tolulope.odeyale, to be in line with the market we decided to include Hifi in your offer and this came with a small price increased.

We have notified everyone via mail, please check your inbox. 

Sorry for the surprise, if you missed it, but please try your new sound quality as well! 

Now you can hear your music in CD quality, like it was intended to be recorded by your favourite artists. 

You can also contact our Support to check your subscription options!