Someone’s using my account: message pops up

  • 26 February 2019
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When I’m trying to listen to my music a notification pops up saying someone is using my account at this time it’s for personal use then stops my music.

Why is is this happening? No one else should be on my account but me and my own phone.

Best answer by Rob Igo 27 February 2019, 11:55

Hi @katey

Try logging out, restarting your phone and then logging back in.

if this still happens then please change your password.

let us know how you get on 🙂
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43 replies

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Hi @katey

Try logging out, restarting your phone and then logging back in.

if this still happens then please change your password.

let us know how you get on 🙂
Same thing happens to me. My music keeps stopping and I get the message that someone else is listening. The only two devices registered to my account are right in front of me and only one is connected to Deezer. I've changed my password, deleted and re downloaded the app and it continues to happen. I'm about 30 seconds away from cancelling my subscription.
Same thing has been happening to me for days now. I've only got one device linked to my account. I've tried resetting my password, reinstalling app etc but still getting it.

Subscription cancelled
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Hi there @Hinzy9 @chazell31

Sorry that's happened. I've had a look at your accounts, unlinked devices, refreshed cache and sent a password reset email. Please change your password once more and let me know if it helps.
Changed my pw 5 times now restart phone and it still happens AND someone is changing my songs!! Wtf is happening
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Hi there @Kristofvm

Sorry that's happened. I've had a look at your account and have done some due maintenance. I've sent you another password reset email. Please change your password and when you have a chance, try logging in via a desktop PC/Mac and change the email address for your account as well. Let me know if the issue persists.
@Rudi I have very same issue. I am logged in with my google account. I have changed the google password, deleted the deezer app, installed and logged in again and the same message appeared again. By deleting I lost all my downloaded music. I love the new look of deezer but this experience made me rethink if I want to continue my subscription. I need your help to resolve this right now or I am out. Thank you.
same is happening to me - unlinked every device, reset password, deleted app etc etc. all the suggestions above. Started to get really annoyed and there's no way to contact support.

Best of all, if the account has been compromised, there's no way to remove payment details. Yes, you can cancel your current plan, but all you need to do to reactivate it is simply click 'reactivate' and doesn't require payment details to be inputted again.
I've done some more digging and it appears that all those affected are probably playing the same artists. I can tell because my account was linked to deezer and all the artists I didn't recognise have new profiles on (which generate new ones if the artist isn't known/hasn't been played before).

I then looked at all the profiles which are "top fans" i.e. have scrobbled these artists a lot recently. All are uncharacteristic of their taste in music, so I can only deduce that all those with this issue recently are being affected by the same malicious user/hacker.

This isn't a issue since unlinking the profile and setting two different passwords for both accounts still doesn't kick this other user from my account.
@Rudi any updates on the issue?
Deezer said they are sorry to see me go...
@Rudi Same problem for me and it is pretty annoying. It is happening on my computer and my phone, which are the only two devices connected at my account. I changed twice my passport and log out. It keeps happening. Can you please do something about it ?
Thank you !
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I'm sorry I wasn't able to respond in time @lunatico
This has been investigated throughout the first users reporting it, so that you know @lunatico @sorfildor @Claire23

Thank you for your patience. I've carried out some performance tasks on your account to see if this improves for the time being, which includes you changing the password once more. Please report if it doesn't, so that I can pass the information to our devs who are looking into this 👍🏼
Hello, same problem with my account. What should I do? It´s very disturbing. Thanks.-

I have the same problem.

Deezer was working fine for the past few weeks but now it keeps popping up with this message even after I've changed my password and cleared all cookies and cache in Chrome (the only PC I have Deezer running on).

It's obviously a problem with Deezer.

Can I please have an ETA on when this will be resolved?

This is a prime example of why I despise cloud services (SaaSS / Service as a Software Substitute)!
Deezer Simultaneous Bug = Unusable

I am getting the exact same pop-up! I've changed my password twice, unlinked my phone from my connected devices AND logged out and I'm still getting the same on my iMac when I try & play music through that.
This is why offline music players (FOSS/GPL) and MP3 libraries are becoming more popular than ever!
wtf is going on!!??
I don't leave just because I don't k now yet how to export my playlists.....

It really poor...
I guess lot of us is suffering AND NO HELP, NO ANSWER???
It is happening with me aswell. I have tried everything that the other people in this thread have done with no success. I hope the devs find and fix this bug soon, it is REALLY annoying.

I've done all the shit mentioned by deezer support, changed my password twice and logged out and in. nothing seems to be working. if this is not solved today I'm deleting my account for sure. the guy keeps playing his own personal playlists his username is Moh.Abdul

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Hi there, please change your password and reinstall the app! Let me know if it helps!
Hi there, please change your password and reinstall the app! Let me know if it helps!

Dear Rafael it won't help, I've mentioned that I've changed it twice. there is someone using the app with me and it's obvious that hundreds of people are having the same shitty bug. If you're development team won't look into this then deleting my account would be the only solution left.
Same problem here and I sign up using my Google account so I can't even change my password because I don't have a Deezer Password! I deleted the app reinstalled it signed out and in several times and I just can't listen to music on the app anymore...

Please let me know a working solution, otherwise I was thinking about Spotify for sometime anyway so this could be an opportunity for me switch...
So looks like I'm next one with the same problems I changed Spotify for Deezer due same issue and now it's happening it that app Fu.....