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  • 28 June 2019
  • 8 replies

Hey guys,
in my settings i see, that i have english language, but i have always as main page, why do we need settings at all?

8 replies

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Didn't understand your question
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Hey @Nikita.Schmidt ! Can you give us further info please? 🙂
seems support here is not about to understand issue..

alright, I will give you more info instead of Nikita, because I got the problem. maybe because I have the same issue.

Nikita says, that he set 'English' as interface language (the same as me).
but when he (and me too) opens deezer, he is redirected to '/ru' main page. it is pretty stupid, isn't it?

I have never set 'russian' as my language (I believe Nikita too).
I'm not in russia, so if Deezer tried to set language by region, it failed (but why it'd do it -- there is language setting in profile settings, which set to 'English').

fix the bug.
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Hi @pavlo thanks for the details. What do you mean with "opening Deezer"? Do you type the URL by hand or do you click somehwere? What happens if you click here ?
hi Flo. yes, languageless URL redirects to URL with correct language from the settings.
but when open direct url with language on it, deezer isn't redirected to language from the settings. moreover it is remembered in cookies and after that even redirects to wrong language.

it is easy to get wrong url with specific language from google results.
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Hi here @pavlo

Thank you for explaining in more detail. We've passed your feedback to our devs.
I've faced this issue again. And this time I didn't navigate from search result or something, just but got navigatede to wrong localisation code.
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I believe it's just your browser's cache. Please clear it up and use this link here next time -