Problem activating special Cricket offer

  • 9 April 2019
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I have been trying all week to resubscribe my Deezer account. It was provided by my cell phone carrier, but it is no longer provided through them. There was an offer to keep paying the $6.99, but was unable to get it. Every time I tried to input my email, it was read that it's already in use. I even went through my account settings with no luck. Now my previous subscription is up. What should I do?

5 replies

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Hi @Jai.lemoore i could see that you were actually able to subscribe to the special offer for Cricket users. Do you still need help?
I had Deezer through Cricket but they split. I was told someone would contact me about cont my Deezer for the price I was paying with my provider. I never received any contact. I did receive something I thought was to keep my subscription for the same price and it updated/installed the ‘New Deezer’. A few weeks later the app said I had no subscription. I even signed up for the $12.99 subscription w/ 1 month free and it still won’t let me access my music. Though it’s says I’m subscribed. Please help!
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Hi @The Melodic 1 can you try this link please:

If you subscribed through iTunes please cancel the payments in your iTunes account for Deezer, otherwise you could be charged twice.
How do I change my subscription price back to the $6.99 price.
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Hi @Kgsmove we are no longer partnering with Cricket I am afraid. On the link mentioned above you can activate a special offer though 😉