Playlist appeared out of nowhere

A random playlist appeared on my profile’s playlist and is messing up with my queue putting crappy songs in between mine. There is no button to delete it or remove it, you can only Listen next, Add to queue, Add to my favorites, Download, Share or see the User profile.

It is an “Editorial Selection” of my country

Why? I never chose to hear that playlist and I absolutely hate the music it contains, if you’re going to shove some music into people’s profiles without warning at the very least leave a button to remove it.

Edit: forgot to mention that to make matters worst it appears on my favorites and I don’t even follow the person who made it (Diana).

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Hi @KevSpartan can you please mention the name of the playlist and send me a screenshot in order to investigate?
Thanks :)

I can delete the one I created to test but not the other one. I stopped listening music on Deezer because of this.

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I have reported this to our music team an as soon as I hear back from them I’ll get back to you with an update.
Thanks for your patience :)