Playing Local files

  • 2 August 2019
  • 4 replies

I am trialing Deezer (amongst others) and I can see that I can upload my MP3 collection to Deezer but can I play them through the app on my phone if they are locally on the phone? I have searched for this answer but cannot find it...


4 replies

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HI @Russell Tewkesbury

no you can't - you can't stream them from Deezer (after you've uploaded them).
Thanks Rob, I presume I could upload and then download to a particular device for offline play?
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I *don't think* you can use your own files for off line play (but have a go and see what happens maybe you can?)
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Deezer won't play local media except for it's own downloaded files. You can download your uploaded tracks by including them in a playlist and downloading that.
EVERYTHING in Deezer is done via playlists. Loads and loads and loads of playlists.