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IMPORTANT: We don't share payment details in the community, so please do NOT include emails, account and credit/debit card numbers and other personal info in your comments/topics.

Any specific subject related to your payments should be dealt with our Support Team.

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My credit card was used without any problem for at least three payments. The last two have been refused. I've talked with the bank and everything is OK. What is going on?
I've used deezer premium plan for 10 eur for more than a year. Today I logged out on the official website of Deezer accidentally. Because of I was like a stranger user thereat, the website suggested me to choose a plan. The price of deezer premium is now 169 rubles (2 euros). WOW! I logged in again. And nothing. The deezer premium plan is also 10 eur.
What happen?
Why can't I buy a russian plan considering I live in Russia?
Best regards,

Llook I have an account under my ex boyfriends name but on my card I want it cancelled
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Hi there @RomoiDan

I've checked your account on our side and it shows you still have a Premium subscription purchased in Italy - Deezer recognises the IP address at the time of purchase and selects the currency.
All you need to do is cancel the subscription and once you're free, you can resubscribe from where you live in Russia - it'll show the price in Rubles.

Hello, I have been a member of Deezer since 2017, I payed monthly for my Deezer Premium subscription, but yesterday my payment was refused. I got a message where they explained me that since I'm in Italy I can't pay with my italian credit card (but it's the same credit card that I use since 3 years) and I should change payment method.

I stupidly unsubscribed in order to subscribe again but they gave me 2 more free days until my membership finally expires so now I can't even try to change my payment method. 

My questions are: Why my Italian credit card was suddenly refused after years of correct using?

And will I lose all my music when I try to subscribe again? 

Thank you. 



I’m trying to renew my subscription  with no success, i’m getting this error:

We are unable to complete your transaction.

For more information, please consult our FAQ .


I tried 3 different cards from two different banks and all of them failed. 


My support ticket number: 5377370

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Hope you enjoyed your breakfast! One more thing I should have said yesterday, if you're free this weekend for one more drink... i'd love to see you again soon!
I payed yesterday my Deezer Premium plan for a month. Everything worked properly yesterday and I could use my Premium Account with all it's features. But this morning, it started asking me for my subscriptio, showing me adds and not letting me use the Deezer Premium features.
The problem here is that I payed and the bank account registered the pavement, but the app won't let me use my Deezer Premium Account properly. Please fix it as soon as possible.

Please make sure you're logged in the right account! Alos, get in touch with our support team here, they can have a look for you!
I have registered on the web site with my phone number and then purchased a Digital Gift Card for a 12-month subscription via PayPal. After successful payment I did not receive the order confirmation and activation code. Besides, I can not add email address to my existing account registered with the phone number.
The problem was solved by Deezer Support. Thanks!
I know I have not been able to pay my subscription in the last days, money will arrive om my account monday. I hope you can wait 2 more days. I do understand if you can't hold my subscription.
Best regards,
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Hello @1Kakatiar, as your renewal is scheduled tomorrow, you will indeed lose your access if you did cancel your card. Make sure to update your details as soon as you get your new credit card to be able to enjoy again your subscription. For any request regarding payment and subscription, I suggest you get in touch with the customer support team.

Have a good week! :slight_smile:

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Hello @Ayanix Otida, we do have an annual Premium offer if this is what you’re looking for. Have a look to this page, you will find the annual subscription at the bottom. With this offer, you would pay SAR 180.00 instead of SAR 216.00 a year.

Let me know if that answers your question :slight_smile:

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Hi there @Hexe Joon

I can see from your account that you were given a couple of days and that the payment was settled 😉
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Hi there @Stacey Basque

Please contact our support team here.
The transactions completed from my end but the member ship still the same , I had logged in an out but still the same !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The best way to avoid any payment issues is to pay one year in advanced.

I paid year in advanced, saved two months as discount, and now I have no desire to think if my next payment or next payment will fail because there’s no payments for 12 months to come.

I also do not like to receive bills each month for music.

It makes me sad how fast time is going when there’s a music renewal each month.

Hi , I have started my free trial but then it stoped and asked me to subscribe when I did so it said your free subscription ends on 15 Aug after that you can pay , I can’t wait till 15 Aug to have subscription privileges and thanks for your help and cooperation.

I've been a deezer family subscriber for years now.But lately in June 2020 my automatic subscription renewal was rejected for some reason I was told they could be a problem with my card to check in with my bank which I did and they told me they was no issue at all on their side and I've been using the same card on deezer for a while so it can't be the other troubleshooting procedures I was told to check by the support team via email. My subscription has been terminated and I can't find a way to resubscribe because everytime I tried adding a new card I get this error message in the attachment and it's becoming frustrating please help on this issue cause none of my family members can access their music now and deezer free is just not worth the attention 😏


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Hi there @iwmthia

Do you have access to a PC/Mac? If you do, please check your account settings and that should help. If not, please get in touch with our support team here 😉
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Hi @Ayanix Otida that was a very good question of yours. Your current Premium month is running until the 20th of April. Please do not subscribe to the annual plan before that because it automatically overwrites the Premium month.

Please do change to the Premium year on the 20th of April daytime to avoid continuing with the monthly subscription. Thank you

Make the payment of the subscribe to the premium service through PSE for COP $ 14,900, to date the platform doesn't recognize my payment and does not allow me to access music.  I need urgent help with this problem.

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Hi there @Dairin

Sorry to hear that. Please see how to contact our support above 👍🏼
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Thanks for reaching out @Catalina Silva I can see that your account is active as Premium, after the payment went through today. Could you please logout and confirm your credentials? Log in again and let me know if the problem persists :wink:

Hi, I Can't do my monthly payment..the Charge was declined for My bank, I spoke with them and everything it is ok.. I tried pay with my credit card and is the same situation.


What I have to do?


Best regards

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Hi there @cloudsinmycoffee 

Thanks for reaching out. To give you a bit of reassurance, you won't lose your music if you cancel or upgrade your subscription - it's the same account :relaxed:

But I think I know the reason why your card wasn't accepted. We can only accept a local payment method. And after checking your account, I can see that it's set up to France. When you subscribe to Deezer, the website will take your IP address and set out the account to that location. Don't worry, get in touch with our support team here and they should offer your further help to get this sorted :wink:

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Hello @Milton Pacheco, please get in touch with our customer support team, they will be able to help you.

Have a nice week!