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Hi there @Alexandr Ivanov @Athar Alwaheed 

Please get in touch with our support team here so they can discuss that with you :thumbsup_tone2:

My payment method was rejected and now I´ve gone back to free mode, but now that I try to renew my subscription i can´t pay for family, only for premium and hifi.

Hi, I changed my bank card and as such my January subscription hasn't been paid. The problem is I'm unable to update my payment details. Please help uegently

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Hi there @CeeJay the DJ 

Thanks for reaching out. Have you tried contacting our support team through the link mentioned above?

I get nowhere when trying to update my bank card details, the link does not seem to be working!

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Hi there @stikki 

Thanks for reaching out. I can see that you were able to renew your subscription yesterday. If in need again, please contact our support team here :wink:

Hi!  Kindly need assistance have tried to pay my subscription to my account. Didn't pay last month my card had no cash but of this month cashed in some money but my dezer account couldn't renew. 

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Hey @Herb ! Please get in touch with our Client Support Team and they will be able to help you further :) 

My payment was being deducted from my card going for months on end without any problems. In December I got an e-mail from you that there was a problem with my card. I loaded my card again, and you still rejected it. I continued talking to my bank. After investigation from the bank, it has shown that no where is Deezer attempting to debit my card. The transaction doesn’t reach the bank at all.

All my other online purchases and subscription services are still running uninterrupted, only Deezer. The Bank (First National Bank) also made mention that I am not the first customer with a similair complaint regarding Deezer being rejected.

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Hi there @massynrc 

Sorry that's happened. I've had a brief look at your account and I could see the payment attempts. Could you please contact our support team here as they can help you further?

Hello, I have been a member of Deezer since 2017, I payed monthly for my Deezer Premium subscription, but yesterday my payment was refused. I got a message where they explained me that since I'm in Italy I can't pay with my italian credit card (but it's the same credit card that I use since 3 years) and I should change payment method.

I stupidly unsubscribed in order to subscribe again but they gave me 2 more free days until my membership finally expires so now I can't even try to change my payment method. 

My questions are: Why my Italian credit card was suddenly refused after years of correct using?

And will I lose all my music when I try to subscribe again? 

Thank you. 


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Hi there @cloudsinmycoffee 

Thanks for reaching out. To give you a bit of reassurance, you won't lose your music if you cancel or upgrade your subscription - it's the same account :relaxed:

But I think I know the reason why your card wasn't accepted. We can only accept a local payment method. And after checking your account, I can see that it's set up to France. When you subscribe to Deezer, the website will take your IP address and set out the account to that location. Don't worry, get in touch with our support team here and they should offer your further help to get this sorted :wink:

Hello I had some fraudulent activity on my credit card I had to cancel the card.. will get a new one back within 15 days... Can I get access until then?

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Hello @1Kakatiar, as your renewal is scheduled tomorrow, you will indeed lose your access if you did cancel your card. Make sure to update your details as soon as you get your new credit card to be able to enjoy again your subscription. For any request regarding payment and subscription, I suggest you get in touch with the customer support team.

Have a good week! :slight_smile:

Make the payment of the subscribe to the premium service through PSE for COP $ 14,900, to date the platform doesn't recognize my payment and does not allow me to access music.  I need urgent help with this problem.

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Thanks for reaching out @Catalina Silva I can see that your account is active as Premium, after the payment went through today. Could you please logout and confirm your credentials? Log in again and let me know if the problem persists :wink:

Hello l, 

Trust this message meets you well.

Please, I have been having an unsuccessful payment with my subscription renewal.

My card keeps getting declined and that's what I have been using for previous payments. 

I have deleted  and added severally but there's no change.

It's not from my Bank. Can you assist?

Hi I'm having a problem with my account. 

My phone broke last night and I tried downloading the app. It seems to be giving me an old version of my account even tho Im paying for premium and would like to continue with my latest music.

I've tried logging in a few different ways but I can't seem to find it. 

My email is removed to protect personal details

I've checked that email and have an email from when I signed up to premium. 


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Hey @daniel.olubi @lanceg 

Sorry to hear that. Please see the topic above for more info, we can sort it out for you :thumbsup_tone2:

I'm trying to upgrade my account, which I created when I was in Mexico, but all my bank details are from London, so every time I tried to purchase the premium upgrade I can't make, my card is rejected. Right now I'm in Costa Rica and I want to pay for a monthly plan and I don't have a debit card from here.

I tried to PayPal too and I does not work either. 

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Hi there @mabs8930 

Thanks for coming to us about this. You need a local payment method to purchase the subscription, our system detects the IP address for that effect.

But don't give up, have a chat with our support team here and perhaps there's something they can do to help you :thumbsup_tone2:


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Hi there @drgregx 

Thanks for reporting. I recommend you to check your attempts with your payment provider first, and if everything's ok, please contact our support team here :thumbsup_tone2:

Hi! I had some issues with payment last month so i upgraded my account info. Now i subscribed again. There is no problem. But it says i have 3 months trial. I am not a new subscriber. Is it normal?

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Hi @Zeynep Güngör 

You may have created another account and followed our 3 months trial promo. Please get in touch with our support team here so that they can sort the payment from last month with you, on the correct account :thumbsup_tone2: