Payment for premium refused but money is gone...

  • 27 February 2019
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So... I have an internationnal card, because of my job allow me to move a lot.
I wanted to buy my premium deezer and... I can't because my card is in pounds ? --'

More than that, I paid and the money is gone but i'm still "FREE".

How can I get my account to be premium since I paid for it ?
Or at least get back my money...


Best answer by bobmartien 27 February 2019, 19:47

Fixed. Thanks.
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4 replies

Fixed. Thanks.
Hi bobmartien
Same problem here. I am in Colombia but paid with a Spanish credit card in euros. I still have the free version, not the premium, but my bank says the annual subscription is being paid already.
How did you fix it? Thanks for your help
Subscription not working
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Hi there @eduhierro @Coach Nixon

Please do speak to our support team for further help 😉