Paid but still being asked to subscribe

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Hey @Ms4lachon @MichellS @Nesrin @Sandy Navarrete @Oksana Boiko @mat.101 @Karen M @Jubbuswic

Sorry that's happened. Have a look above for more help, you may need to contact our support team.
i had deezer premium for like 6 months i think and i did not use it for like 2 or 3 months and 4 days ago i payed subscription for deezer premium and it still does not work and when i want to pay again it says to me that i have already pay for deezer premium but it still does not work!
lm facing a problem with my premium account,
paid but saying i need to subscribe please help.

thanks & regards
Got a new phone. I can log in to a free subscription but cant log in to my old plan. I have the family plan but cant get back in to my plan
Hi so I paid to upgrade to premium and the money was taken out of my bank but I it still shows I have the free plan please help !
Ive been a Deezer subscriber for a few years now. I pay monthly. For some reason I am being asked to subscribe again and I cant access my music offline?
Mein Account will nicht auf Premium wechsele
Dear Deezer Team
I have a Prob & complaint,
yesterday I renew my Subscription & after everything is ok with my bank & apply payment
I enter to deezer App & I press Download then it told me to pay !!!!
so how & when I enter in my deezer account I saw the Payment & the next Payment will be on :
26 September
can anyone help me pls ?
it’s the first time it do that with me !!!!!!
Hello, I am having the same issue for a few days now. I subscribed but Premium won’t work
Can not access my music even I have subscribed long tima.ago. I don't want upgrade but it does not go away from my screen
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Hi there @aakanksha @Melgg83 @rohan111 @mikejmchugh @Greatlife @fran3110 @Briana509 @Set

Sorry to hear that. You may need our support team for assistance, have a look above, please :)

@rohan111 you can also check out our German community here 👍🏼
I had subscribed the 49 EGP membership with the first free month and still can't choose the song that i need to listen
My premium subscription has stopped working and it only allows me to have the free subscription or the family subscription why is this?
Yesterday, my friend gave me a free for 3 months deezer premium card so I entered the code and put in my credit card details.. everything was working fine until today when I decide to open deezer to listen to my music the deezer premium features have been removed such as choosing a song.. i then went on my account subscription settings and it showed up saying that I am using the free version. I have tried logging out and logging back in to my account and it is still not working.
Please may you try and fix my problem
Thank you
I payed for deezer premium when it was 3 months for the price of one and when I go to my apple id you can see it is till november. Suddenly I was logged out, even when I used it 3 hours ago, and when I wanted to try to log in with my gmail account I came on my acc but with deezer free. I tried with every e-mail I have and every possible keyword but it didn’t worked. I also have an account with my outlook e-mail, but thats also free and I al 90% sure it was with my google account. I I also reïnstalled it on my phone, but it didn’t helped. Maybe you know how to fix this problem, because I realy miss my music. I would appreciate it!
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Hey @Moataz Zaghloul @Gazhill500 @Teagan Doyle @reggeton channel @Sofie DC

Sorry that's happening. Please have a look above for further help 👍🏼
Hello, I’ve been using Deezer since October 2018 but yesterday it started saying that my subscription does not support more than 1 advice, and I only use it in 1advice since I first subscribed. I removed the app and downloaded again then it said that my number wasn’t a Deezer member and asks me for a new subscription. My payments are in day and I want to make sure that if I subscribe again it won’t be charged twice or if I choose to go by another app the former account won’t continue charging.
Thank you
Paid for Premium but it has not been upgraded.
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Hi there @Mò_nica

Sorry that's happened. Could you please get in touch with our support team? They should be able to help you further.
Hi there @aakanksha @Melgg83 @rohan111 @mikejmchugh @Greatlife @fran3110 @Briana509 @Set

Sorry to hear that. You may need our support team for assistance, have a look above, please :)

@rohan111 you can also check out our German community here 👍🏼

Excuse me Where Can I Contact the Support Team as I don’t See & Can’t find any Button related to support team !!!!!!
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Hi @Chichi

Sorry that's the case. Please have a look above for more help.

Hey @Melgg83 to contact support, please click here 🙂
I connected premium acc from phone to computer and on pc i dont have premium?
Hello.I pay for deezer family but its not working my account still deezer free please help me ! I did everything ( change password,quit and login 50 times!) but still not working! 2 days gone and my account still deezer free! I pay at iTunes for a first time and system is So freaky tresh.I send my payment at and no body answer my mails! HELP ME

gmail adress and deezer account : [removed to protect personal details]
when I make to subscrib monthly and one month trial free ... notified me the purchase was successful but then ...... notification ... it didn’t work ... subscription temporary unavailable ... plz help

I subscribed 1 month free thing but it doesnt work, i still have to listen random play.