Paid but still being asked to subscribe

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I paid but still not active in the app
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I got the promotion for $ 9 and a free month and when I wanna use the app is still asking me for subscription ! And when I click subscribe again it shows me a pup up saying that I am already subscribed ... so I am confused , I can’t use my account as I wish !

I paid 2 days ago ... July 37/2019

Please help me !

Please contact our support team here 😉
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Hi amilcar and Ahalanazi, please get in touch with our support team here and send them the proof of payment. They can have a look for you 😉
I am really very disappointed from this app
Hi , i paid for my subscription today 05.08.2019 they took money but the application doesn’t work!! Can you help me pls
I subscribed today and i still cant get my premium.
do i have to wait to get the upgrade?
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I'm sorry to hear that! But what is happening?
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Hi , i paid for my subscription today 05.08.2019 they took money but the application doesn’t work!! Can you help me pls

Hi, I'm sorry about that! Please get in touch with our support team here and send them the proof of payment.
Day 5 without any action, I paid subscription from 5 days but my account still free in app I tried all ways to reach any help but didn’t get
I have paid for my subscription, but i still only get the service of the “deezer free” account. Any help on this? Nothing i try seems to be working
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Hi there @Michael.Baruti

Please see above for further help 😉
I paid for premium and got bank confirmation for the payment even the I phone shows that I subscribed yet the app is available in free version
plz respond

I logged in to my student account when prompted to access the student deal, but there was no message afterwards to say that I had successfully logged in. It just opened up a blank screen with a cross in the top right corner. When I try to verify again, assuming this to be an error, I get a message saying that I have already been verified, but still there is no button to sign up for Deezer student and when I click to subscribe to premium the charge is still £9.99 a month.

Can anyone help? Has anyone had this problem and worked out how to fix it?

I paid for a premium but I don’t have the premium benefits, my account still as a free
So right now I’m logged into a new account I made and I can’t figure out what’s wrong with my premium on my other account, I bought the premium offer but my account still shows up as free, For some reason I’m not getting any notifications from Deezer as I normally would for my other account, bare in mind my other account is a google account so it should be easier to receive the notifications, Please Help.
i subscribed for deezer promotion and yet i cant use deezer as a premium user
please advise account is saying free when I pay every month and it’s taking out double for a couple of months now...what do I need to do..I’ve tried logging out and in..been like this for 2weeks ...HELP
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Hey there @bronfield.bronfield @Mook @mollychankawaii @Ahmed.Alabyd

Please have a read at the topic above, and if nothing helps, use the link the contact our support for further help.
I have signed for the 1 month free trial of deezer premium but its still not upgraded.

Thank you

I hope this messahe find you very well

I Have a problem with my account.

I am register since begin this year however now I can not hear my music.

The system aak me to register again.

Could you helpme please?

My email is [removed to protect personal details]

Thank a lot for your support

Maria Borges
My subscription is in Free in place to be Family.
Payment made by Play Store in date 07.08.2019.
Please, last month was The same situation.
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Hi there @Maria Eugenia Borges @amania @Samar @DamiDeCookii @Mtbjoga.Adam @Mahmoud Abdelrahman

Sorry that happened. Please contact our support team here for further help in case you don't find a solution in this topic 👍🏼
I have paid via my prepaid credit and it has been taken off my account and I have waited 10 minutes, logged in and out, yet I am still asked to subscribe? Any help?
this morning I paid for Premium with the App Store , but it still doesn’t work.
please help me
I have recently paid for Deezer Premium but cannot access premium features , even though I have paid for it in full.
Please help.

Many thanks
Jenna B