Paid but still being asked to subscribe

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Hi @Jamila.Abri, @ashfos32, @Mlush35, @wilhelmolivia and @Dushime.Blaise

Please see above for additional help from our support team 😉
Deezer keeps asking for payment even tho I already paid but yet it's still asking me to subscribe
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hi @ElMangoDePatch if you still need help please contact support as described above 😉
Y’all took the 12.99 out of my account for premium deezer account but it still says it’s on free. I can’t listen to my music offline and I can’t download Anything. I paid and it’s not working.
Ppayment was taken out on may 3rd and my subscription still wont play? In getting tired of being charged over and over again in a months time. I've logged out and back in, I've emailed and still have yet to get a straight answer on why you guys are doing this. Kindly straighten this out or I want a refund and I'll cancel my subscription
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Hi there @Crissie.Palestinian, @Dylan01and @Alonzo.Curry

Sorry for what you've experienced. Please see above for further info and a way to contact our support.
Hi, I pay 3times for one month and my acc still doesn't work. 🤷🏽‍♂️ Is it possible get back money and fix my acc?

[removed to protect personal details]

I tried to start using premium again, It said that there was a problem and I can’t, but money left my bank account and when I try to do it again, it says I have it, but I can’t use any of premium features.
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Hey @Emils.Sliks @Keiutetsmann and @Daniel Camilo Mendoza Carbonó

Please check this topic and the link above 😉