My account was hacked

Ok mot to long ago I was hanging out with a friend and I logged into my Deezer account from their phone and now they are using my account all the time and I can only listen to flow because of it. Ots like they have total control over my account. I have changed my password and that didn't help. I have went to manage my devices but it only shows the device I use as the only device that's linked to my account. PLEASE HELP!!! Its my account and I want it back,!

Best answer by Pia.Deezer 3 December 2019, 19:45

Hi @lilpeep1996 I just sent you a password renewal link to your email address. Please click on the link in the email and enter a new password.

I would advise you to carry out the following steps in order to protect all your online accounts, not only Deezer:

  • Regularly scan your systems for malicious software
  • Avoid using the same password email combination for all online services
  • Change your password regularly and make sure it is a strong password combination
  • Use your email address as a login only
  • change other passwords (facebook and google)

In case you are still experiencing any issues, please get in touch with our support team here and send them the details of the latest payment - they will be able to find the account for you and help you further.

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Oh boy, some friend of yours @jennipoo77.
First you did the correct steps by unlinking the device and updating your password.
I will also send you a personal message with more steps.
Ya bat***t crazy ones!!!
I had a deexee subscription but I got my email hacked therefore no longer use that account that was my deezer
Account was linked to. Any idea how I can access my music and renew my subscription! Would love to talk to customer services!
My account premium + has being hacked this night. I cant login. The person changed my pseudonym and the emailadress to login.
Ive seen it because i have a second free account which is linked with the payed one.

I dont know what to do? I have to continue paying my account via paypal. I hope i can have my account back...

Any ideas? I hope the deezer support team can help me
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I suggest contacting Deezer support in one of the following options (Twitter is recommended . They are pretty responsive there ).
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I suggest contacting Deezer support in one of the following options (Twitter is recommended . They are pretty responsive there ).
Thank you i will try it
Deezer found out that somebody really hacked my account with a temporary email. They try to resolve the problem. I'm sure the person just wanted to access to my banking information but i pay via PayPal.
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Deezer found out that somebody really hacked my account with a temporary email. They try to resolve the problem. I'm sure the person just wanted to access to my banking information but i pay via PayPal.

Great . at least you know what happened . Hope it will be fixed for you soon .
Recently my Deezer account has been accessed by and iPhone which I don't own, as I am on android. Not only has it stopped me from listening to music, but removed all of my several days worth of music for about 40 Spanish or something songs, which inevitability is the language of the person stealing my account. I've tried changing my password several times and have removed the iPhone from my list of allowed devices, but to no success. If this issue isn't resolved soon, since all my music has been removed and deleted off my phone, there's nothing preventing me from switching to another app.
My email was used by someone (deezer should be able to see the info) who was underage (registered dob was 2000) and because of that, I'm stuck with an account that doesn't have my information and cannot try premium for free (I'm deciding if it's better than the competition) and my other gripe is, someone can use any email to register without first confirming ownership (something that HAS to be done to avoid this kind of situation) so yeah, how can I fix this?

And this email address has been with me far longer than deezer has been around so it's not like I recently got this from someone and want another go at a free premium.
My friends deeze account is hacked. What shoul we do? Is there a number who we can call or a e-mail? Thanks
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@Light Worker I moved your topic to this one. Please contact us directly here and we're happy to check 🙂
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Hi @Kervs Lopez, if your email address is linked to the account, you can just download the Deezer app and in the login area you click on "forgotten password". Deezer will then send you an email to select a new password so that you can log in to the account.

Afterwards your can either delete the account and create a new one, or you can change the user information :)
Hope that helps.
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Hi @Isaura Vande Reyde, here's how your friend can contact us directly

Hope this helps 🙂
Someone else is using my Deezer. How do I 'kick them off'?
Hi all!
I’m a member of the app deezer since a couple of month, I pay every month 13 € for it and all works fine. A few days ago I wanted to open the app and I was asked to register again (new), my account has been gone it seems and I don’t know why...? Everything is gone, all my music which I had downloaded the last times. Any idea how to get back in my old account? Thank you !!!
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@Lena.Foster I moved your topic here as it's the same issue, get in touch with our support and they'll be happy to help 🙂
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it sounds like your account was hacked. Please contact our support on this link and they'll sort this for you 😉
Hey Ana,
thanks a lot for the answer, i‘ll do this immediately! Hope they can help me. Greetings Jeanette
My account was Hacked,.

It has been very difficult to reinstate my account since Deezer no longer offers live chat and certainly no telephone support. Anyway my account has now been reinstated which is good (but required a lot of tweets - not the most efficient way to converse with support). This has not fully fixed my issues though. I pay for a family account and my two children's profiles seem to have been deleted - so they have lost their playlists.

I have emailed support several times but have not received any answers back on this topic.

Question 1) Is there any way that my children';s profiles and playlists may be recovered or are they lost now?

As a follow up question - I am unclear as to how my account would have been hacked. My google mail has definitely not been hacked (email address associated with my profile is gmail) and I had a unique password for Deezer.

Question 2) Has Deezer been subject to a data breach?

Thanks in advance
My account was hacked.

I have a unique password for Deezer.
My associated email address has not been hacked (thank you Google)
Has Deezer therefore been subject to a Data Breach?
If not - what other possible sources for my account being hacked should be looking into?
Do Deezer cary out any investigations into these hacks?

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Hi @disorg , first of all sorry to hear that someone had access to your account! And we are of course investigating every single case of users being hacked to make sure there's no security breach.
But I can assure you that there was no case of data breach that we're aware of. As my colleagues have told you on other platforms there are many possible reasons for your account being hacked, for example if you accidentally downloaded malicious software. Unfortunately that's nothing we can see on our end. But that's why my colleagues from the CS team are more than happy to help you with this, should you still have issue with your account 🙂
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Hi @disorg we have this link to recover misses playlists:

So I've had this Deezer subscription for two years and everything has worked sweet, recently however I've notice my email and username change on the account. Since this has happened I've been unable to stream music through my Sonos, I am unable to change my email address back to my email address- why?