Music interrupted because of Deezer Family Ad

I have deezer premium and all of a sudden after listening to a song for 5 seconds a pop up box came up saying who stopped the music? Subscribe to deezer family. This has just started now and I don't know how to stop it, any help?

Best answer by Rudi 15 January 2019, 11:42

Hi there @Edouard @Daria13 @Lozza @kenvelop @spongebert

The reason why you possibly get the ad is because your Deezer subscription was used on another device. So I've unlinked all device from your accounts and sent password reset emails. Please change your password and have a go. If the problem continues, please let me know 😉
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Hi @L09adam

it sounds like somebody is playing music on another device (which would then stop your device playing). Have you shared your account details with somebody else?
I am getting this too but I have Premium which should allow 3 is only on 2. Anyone know how to stop this, I don't need or want Deezer Family
I am getting this too and i did not share my account details with anybody. I will not stop listening to music but i will stop my deezer subscription….
the same problem here. i use only in one device and i didnt share my account.
Same for me. Will just cancel my subscription. The interuptions every 30 secs are ridiculous!
Me too! Only on one device....can something be done about this or I’m leaving...this is ridiculous
I have the same issue: i have only one connected device on Deezer (using Deezer for 5 years) and few days ago i have this pop up message "Who stopped the music ?" which keep interrupt the music every 30 seconds.
I uninstalled & reinstalled the application, changed my password but nothing worked...

What other trick can i try to solve this bug?
I have the same problem. Constantly. It's infuriating.
I've been a Deezer Premium for years now, and this started happening maybe a year ago or so. I recently upgraded to Deezer Family but this changes nothing.
I sometimes have to hunt down all my devices (iPhone, iPad, laptop, TV, etc) and shut down Deezer in all of them (even though none of them was actively playing!) until I can finally play music again... this is so user-hostile!

I'm resisting the urge to cancel my subscription because that clearly seems like a stupid & fixable technical problem (and let's face it, I'm too lazy to port my lists to Spotify), but really Deezer how many customers are you losing because of this?? You should take a hint from Netflix, which doesn't hate its users by constantly interrupting them...
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Hi there @Edouard @Daria13 @Lozza @kenvelop @spongebert

The reason why you possibly get the ad is because your Deezer subscription was used on another device. So I've unlinked all device from your accounts and sent password reset emails. Please change your password and have a go. If the problem continues, please let me know 😉
Problem seems solved for me!
Thank Rudi.
@Rudi I've changed my password on my laptop & via the web interface I get a message saying

"Why has the music stopped?

Your Deezer account is currently being used on another device or page...."

& this simply isn't the case - I haven't logged into any other device - & you said you have unlinked the devices anyway. I was getting this message via the web interface even before I changed my password. The family ad was on my iPhone but I'm not using both at the same time.

Everything has been fine for years until now.
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Hi @Lozza

If you're still getting the message, the next thing I'd suggest is to clear your app/browser cache and to change your email address. If for some reason you're unable to change your email address, you can contact our support team here and they'll do it for you. Let me know if it works 😉
Same problem. Ive unlinked all devices, changed my password, uninstalled and reinstalled the app and still keeps stopping
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Hi there @Vikki.Gallucci

Perhaps you should try change the account's email address and giving it a try. Go to and access your account to change email.
The check in place is just totally broken, music stopped 5 times over the last 5 minutes and deezer is only installer on 2 devices and I am sure only one is using it right now.
Can review your algorithm to check muti listening, and at least provide some info about what other device the system claims is listening at the same time, would help sorting that out rather than randomly asking people to reinstall or clean their setup.
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Hi there @jc98

I get your point. But most of the time our users link a friend's phone a couple of months prior and forget about it. Or sometimes it's via PC, which doesn't count as a linked device. Or the account is hacked.
So it's important to go through these steps before making it a bug when it isn't. If the troubleshooting doesn't help, that's when our devs investigate it.

I've unlinked all devices from your account and sent a password reset email. Please change your password and login again. If you face the problem again, please let me know.
The volume of messages on the same issue, I too am experiencing this today and I have one device set up, suggests Deezer have a problem.

Has there been some kind of data leak meaning we're all having our accounts used by unrelated parties?

Your advice to change email is ridiculous - my email address is my email address and I shouldn't have to create a new address simply to use Deezer.

What's going on???
So I've changed my password and so far so good - 5 songs in on a play list with no interruption.

This suggests therefore my account was hacked.

Deezer, is there an endemic issue here? Has there been account data leak?
Aaaarrrgggghhhhhh. I spoke too soon. The ad is back and stopped my music.

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@Rudi could you have a look at this one as well for @Nick Kent

(Nick I've asked a moderator to have a look) 🙂
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@Nick Kent

I've unlinked all devices from your account and sent another password reset email. Please change your password, login again and if you listen to Deezer on a computer, check if the antivirus is up-to-date.
Reinstall the app to our latest version as well ;)

@Rob Igo

Hey! Moderator!
Moderation is ONE of the things I do, I'm the Community Manager 😛 stop downgrading my duties or I'll switch the lights off here 😌
Hello Rudi

Why have you done this????

I have already been sorted directly by customer services who instructed I delete and reinstall the app.

You've now messed this up so I need to re- attach my device and reset my password.

Not happy!!!!!

May I have a reply please?
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@Nick Kent

I replied to your PM first, buddy. You hadn't replied to Rob, I tried to help you.
Glad you've got it sorted and are listening to music now 😉
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Encountered the same problem yesterday, changed password and reset cache for no effect.
What seems to fix this shit is updating app — turns out I had quite an old version, and after update interrupts disappeared completely.

Still that is not the most obvious solution, and the bug itself is really annoying AF
I suggest Deezer team should add this into the bug list to fix in future releases