Managing your Notifications and Newsletter Settings

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Want to choose what emails you receive? It’s really easy to change your preferences.
Keep in mind, you will only be able to do this after logging onto from a computer.

  1. Go to No worries if you’ve forgotten your password.
  2. Head to My Music and click on the Settings icon
  3. Tap Account
  4. Tap the Alerts & sharing tab
  5. Head to the bottom of the page
  6. Use the checkboxes to let us know what you want to receive
Uncheck all the boxes if you do not want to receive any newsletters or notifications from Deezer.
Keep in mind that this may take seven working days to come into full effect.

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hi i have uninstall my deezer and i have been receiving emails. i wish to unsubscribe to it, if you could help me. please and thank you.

high appreciate the effort.
I have just one option checked, the one for receiving notifications when following artists release a new album.
But I never get any email, even though the artists I follow keep releasing albums.
I've tried everything I can think of, any ideas about how can I fix this?
Thanks a lot in advance.
Unsubscribe me from any emails from you, please. If I got any email from you again I'll report. Have a look at the following link:, you can do it yourself 🙂
Hi @Joanne137,

I checked your account under the email address you're registered with here, hopefully it also matches the one you received the email on. If not send me a private message with the email address.

The account here doesn't have an active subscription and only had the standard 15 day trial, so there is no need to cancel anything. It has already reverted to a free account.
I also unsubscribed you from the email settings which are enabled by default. There is a small chance you may still get a few within the next days as our systems update.

Hope this helps you out and thanks for trying out Deezer!
Thank you so much for the prompt reply. Appreciate your help. Thankyou.
Can not find a way to do this.
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If you click on your deezer account (via a web browser) - click on setting, "Alert & Sharing" and untick all the notifications you don't want.
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if you log onto your deezer account via a web browser, choose settings and then "Alerts & Notifications" and then untick all the notifications you don't want to receive.
How can I unsubscribe from you???
Gif please the url link to My Music, when I log in the site wil go to the app. I am really done with the spam mail mail and want to cancel all the notifications.
Ik ben zo klaar met Deezer, AUB cancel mijn account en maak het wat makkelijker om bij je account instellingen te komen.
How dou you unsubscribe?
Why can’t I unsubscribe???

I’ve followed the instructions and it doesn’t give me the option to ‘cancel my subscription’
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Do you have the 15 days trial? This one will be downgraded automatically and cannot be cancelled.

I think there is something special with itunes in case you pay through itunes. Maybe I find the thread and link it later
Is it a problem to unsubscribe.
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But I definitely had a push notification in the app. Did you see that? Are those enabled for your app?

Hi @Anja,

I have enabled all notifications because I want to try out what I really want. So far I have not received any notifications on my two Android devices. But I have enabled them on Saturday and have only like 30 or so artists in my favorites. So I suppose I only get a notification when one of them releases a new song or album.
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Hi there 🙂 they should, but we have some issue with email notifications being sent out for new releases. But I definitely had a push notification in the app. Did you see that? Are those enabled for your app?

Hi @Anja

within the Deezer app (my music, playlists) I can see the number of added songs to the right of one playlist (it's a Deezer playlist, not one I created myself). But I did not get any notifications. I'm not sure if I should receive a notification when songs got added to a playlist in my favorites or if I only get notifications if an artist in my favorites releases some new songs or albums.

No, I haven't heard of that kind of notifications yet. For those list, you'll only see a blue circle next to the title with a number in it. That shows you that new tracks have been added to the playlist 🙂
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Thanks @Anja,

just to make sure I understand it correctly: I will get a notification if and when one of my favorite (heart icon) artists releases a new song or album. Is that correct?

Well I can't tell if you'll receive an email notification. This does not seem to work at the moment. But you should get a pop up (in app push) notification, yes 🙂
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Thanks @Anja.

II surely understand that if push notifications in the Deezer app for whatever reason would cause a security concern that they had to be disabled. But until - hopefully soon - you figure out how to make this feature work again I would highly appreciate you sending out notification emails for new releases of artists who are in my favorites.

Going manually through all of my favorite artists one by one only to lock for new releases is just ridiculous. I hope you would agree with that. If sending out emails is not what you want to do then at least put a notification behind the artist's name in the favorites ... just like you do with playlists.
I downloaded the app and decided it was not for me so i uninstalled it.

Now i have just got an email telling me my free trial has started and something about being upgraded. I followed the link to cancel but i cannot unsubscribe as it does not come up as a option.


Tried several times but nothing works . PLEASE CANCEL OR GIVE ME A NUMBER TO RING.
I want to unsubribe all the emails I got from Deezer. I just don’t use it and I don’t want to. If I’m following the steps to change the subscription it doesn’t work at all.
Having so many problems with deezer I just want to unsubscribe and go elsewhere!! Such a difficult website and app in general. Causes me a lot of stress. Even trying to unsubscribe is difficult 😩 How do I do it?!
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Easy :)

Open your account from a computer and go to settings > account settings > Alerts & sharing
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@tiawills0123 Sad to hear you're not happy with the service! We'd really appreciate if you'd share the difficulties and issues you had. We will pass it on to our team and hope we can improve!
Same here. Unsubscribe me or will report.