Logging in/Logging Out

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Let’s start with the basics.

Logging In

In order to use Deezer you’ll first need to create an account.
Once you’ve got an account with an email and password combination, logging in couldn’t be simpler:


  1. Go to
  2. Click on Log in in the top right hand corner

On the app

  1. Open the Deezer app
  2. Click on Log in
  3. Enter your email and password
  4. Click on Log in at the bottom
If you created your Deezer account using your social media account, simply click the Facebook or Google+ button instead of entering your email and password.

Facebook and Google+

If you have set up your Deezer account with the credentials of you Facebook or Google+ account, then it only takes one click to log in.
  • Pop in your social media login details if you’re prompted

Logging out

Logging out of the Deezer app

  1. Head to My Music
  2. Tap on Settings in the top right hand corner
  3. Tap Manage my account (My Account on iOS)
  4. Scroll to the bottom, and click Log out

Logging out via

  1. Click on the Settings icon next to My Music
  2. Scroll to the bottom, then tap Log out

Having issues?

Forgotten Password

Forgotten your password? Don’t worry, it happens to all of us.

From your computer

  1. Recover your password by clicking on “Forgotten Password?” on our website or use our password recovery tool.
  2. Simply enter your email address in the box and click on “Reset your password”.

On the app

If you need to recover your password using your mobile app, just click on “Forgot your password?” and follow the same instructions as above.

Then what?

A password email will then be sent to you.

Please make sure:
  • to check your spam/junk/social folders for the password reset email
  • that is in your list of safe email senders

Just so you know

  • Sometimes password details can take a bit of time to update; if you’re unable to immediately log in with your new password, please wait a minute and try again
  • Also, give it 10 minutes or so to give the password time to generate and reach your mailbox
If you created your Deezer account with an old Facebook or Google+ account, you may need to unlink your Deezer account from your social media and then try resetting your password again. Follow these steps to unlink your Deezer account from Facebook or Google +.

Still haven’t received the password reset email? Please contact us directly.

Problems Logging In

Recently updated your phone or computer and all your saved passwords wiped? Forgotten your password? Having problems logging in? It’s happened to us all at some time, but this guide should help you get back to the music.

First, check that you’re:
  • using the correct way to log in (Facebook? Google+? Email?)
  • logging in to the correct account

Still not working?

Logging in to the right account

If you have a couple of email addresses, you might have registered more than one account and forgotten about it. If you have a subscription, it might be tied to a different email address than the one you thought.

A quick and easy way to test which email you used for your Deezer account:
  1. Try recovering the password for each of your email addresses
  2. If an account exists, you’ll be sent an email with a new password

Logged in with Facebook or Google+ account

If you used your Facebook or Google+ account to create your Deezer account and recently deactivated it or want to reset your password, please unlink your Deezer account from Facebook/ Google+ on
Afterwards you can reset the password.

263 replies

Dear Deezer, i am really disappointed in the amount of trouble your app is causing. After the latest update it wont login. And there is always the constant problem of the app not working on mobile data. As a person who travels alot i can’t listen to music on mobile data because you insist on it having a wifi connection. I dont think i will continue my subscription with these kinds of problems because if i pay for something i want it to work. But you don’t even care because one subscriber less means nothing to you.

Best wishes,
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Are you experiencing those issue lately or always ?
Are you using iPhone with iOS 11 ?
Are you using the Deezer beta version ?
Have you tried to reinstall the app ?
Have you tried to clear cache ?
1. Always
2. Yes
3. No
4. Yes i did and still not working
5. I cant clear cache because i can’t login into the app
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Ha sorry , on Android you can do it from the settings , that's the reason I was asking .
I heard that there is issues on iOS 11 so it might be the case . However you says it is always the case so ...
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That is weird, Deezer runs great on my iPhone in both mobile network and WiFi, it never asks me that...🤔
When I first started Deezer I put in the wrong email and now as none of my passwords are working I cannot reset the password or get onto my other account. I have paid for subscription so I am very annoyed. Any ideas?
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You can reset your password :
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Hi Dejan, regarding the login have you tried to reset the password already? If so, please make sure it's less than 14 characters as this can cause issues. Does that help?

After checking your account I could also see that you've updated to the latest Deezer version yesterday. Did that help?
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@gracexxelise If an email address is linked to your account which you don't have access to, you can contact our support team. They can help you fix this 😉
hello i have another account but i dnt know the email maybe u can help me?##
my ID is :[removed to protect personal information] pls help me bc i pay it today again but i cant login?!
just gave you my new payment method card details. But I still have problems login into my account. My e-mail address is However my password isn't recognized and all attempts to reset it have failed so far.
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Hi Elena, I could only find the account you've just created. To find the second account we will need more information about the payments which we can't ask you for here. You can just send more details here and I'm sure we'll be able to find the account 😉
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Hi @hcuje, I just checked your account and saw that you are currently using it. Are you still having issues?
Anja I can lod in and I am able to use deezer, there is just no download slide appearing when on laptop. Got It now???
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Hi @hcuje, I've replied to the other topic you created to make sure I can follow up on the problem. Please reply to the other one and I will close this one ☺
This is the only company where I have ever experienced the inability to sing into my account and manage it- what is the problem?
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Hi @Bleahy, can you explain the problem a bit further? On which device does this happen and what's the error message you see when you enter your email address and password?
Deezer would not recognise my hotmail email in order to open an account.
I therefore opened an account with my work email address.
This worked however when I wanted to upgrade to Deezer Family it doesn’t recognise the account/password and won’t even send a password reset email.
I have also had account confirmation sent to both my personal and work email?!!!
It’s driving me mad trying to sort it out. It’s rediculous.
Hello guys,
few days ago I registered on Deezer over my Facebook account. In the meantime I changed/deleted my primary mail on Facebook for which I don't have access any more, so now I can't find out my present password for Deezer :/
Can you please set my new mail for main Deezer mail?

Thank you.

Previous mail: [removed to protect personal details]
New mail.: [removed to protect personal details]
when i push download on my deezer app it says i have to subscribe(but i am subscribed) then it asks for my email address and the tell me this email belongs to another acc. Dezzer has sent me link to change my passwords but nothing works. I cant log in on my apple I-Phone
I got the exact same problem
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Hi @crazyian, there is an existing account with your hotmail email address which you are using atm and it's linked to facebook. Did you create a second account with your work email address?

Regarding Family: You need to cancel your Itunes subscription first and wait for it to end. Afterwards you will be able to get Family on
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Hi @vulverboss, I'd love to help your directly, but since we need prove that both addresses are yours, please contact us here and I'm sure we'll be able to help 🙂
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Hi @Eric.Van.Bosch, I've checked your account and everything seems to fine, but you haven't used it for a while. Please log out and back in with the correct address. Everything should work as intended then 🙂
I cannot enter : I do not know my password and my good mailaccount to enter.