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Itunes Payment - Account not upgraded

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I paid for Deezer premium via iTunes but it is still not working
I bought Deezer premium but it is not working. I need to use it tomorrow, fix it, please

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Hi there @ryn @Annazhigalina

Have you had the chance to check the info in this topic? You'll need to contact our support team and they'll help 🙂
I had a Premium account that I use with a *******@gmail. com mail.... but it was administrated by my App Store account.... so today I changed to a deezer Family account.... the payment was taken by deezer... but I still have a Premium account not a family account...

Please HELP ME!
I just payed my subscription and its not working!please help
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Hi there @Gloria Antonio @Arihadnna Moreno

You'll need to contact our support team, as described above 👍🏼
Hi there, this is indeed an error, but you can just send the confirmation of the payment to us here and we'll be able to fix this for you ☺
I want to contact to support team
where ? Pls I need help urgent
Dear Deezer Team
I paid the renewal Subscribe by the app from one week & half & till now it told me pls subscribe & I’m still on Deezer Free !!!!!!!!!!!!
of course it’s Not my business that Deezer have a Problem with Apple or ITunes !!!!!!!
Pls I need Fast Answer & Fast Solving my Prob ASAP
because there will be only 2 option to solve my Problem Not other:
(1) Activate the Premium from you (Support Team)
(2) Retrieve my Money that I paid
let the support team contact me urgent,
my Name is Ahmed Melgg & My email is: [removed to protect personal details]
waiting ur Replying ASAP as Really I’m so angry because it’s the first time I’m facing something like this
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Hi there, this is indeed an error, but you can just send the confirmation of the payment to us here and we'll be able to fix this for you ☺I want to contact to support team
where ? Pls I need help urgent

It's hyperlinked on "here" above ;)

Only our support team will be able to check your account...
So, on September 10th i wanted to renew my Deezer subscription, and I did, but when it was processing the payment, it said that "something went wrong" and it ate money from my bank account but did not gave me my subscription. Everytime i log into my Deezer it says "failed to charge for license renewal. We enabled you few extra days of Deezer Premium for you to enjoy while you renew your license", even tho my money disappeared from my bank account. I want a refund or a month of free Deezer Premium!!

I have a Premium subscription and I would like to change it to a Family subscription. I couldn't do this from the app, so I subscribed to Deezer Family from my iPhone through Settings->iTunes & Apple Store->Apple ID->View Apple ID->Subscriptions->Deezer (Selected Deezer Family (1 Month).
When I log into the Deezer app, my subscription still reads Premium and not Family.
Can someone please help?

Thank you,
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Hi there @TijanKusacic @dankaram11

Please get in touch with our support team here and they'll be able to help you further 👍🏼
Five days ago I paied Deezer Premium with Apple store but in my phone there’s still Deezer free.
what can I do to resolve the problem?

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Hey there @Vincenzo Greco

Please see above for more info and the link for our support team 😉

I tap it on the subscription and the took it from my balance 18.99 from 3 or two days ago and until now it doesn’t worked, can you please explain it to me why it didn’t work .
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Hello @Rayshawwn I’m sorry your subscription isn’t active in our system, this might have been a synchronisation problem between the systems. As you were charged by iTunes, I am unable to see the payment as it is Apple's policy to not share any personal payment details with us.

However, here's the solution I can offer:

1) Cancel all your Deezer subscriptions with Apple on your iPhone or iPad
- Go to Settings > iTunes & App Store.
- Tap your Apple ID at the top of the screen.
- Tap View Apple ID. You might need to sign in or use Touch ID.
- Tap Subscriptions
- Tap the Deezer subscription
- Press cancel to confirm

2) Please send the following via this link here directly to our customer service (not here in public):
A screenshot photo of the cancellation / end date AND the payment receipts you did not receive any service for (must show Apple ID, Transaction ID, date, amount paid).

We will then add the time accordingly to cover for the time you paid to Apple 😉 At the end of that time I recommend that you subscribe directly with us from a PC or Mac via, so we can handle your subscription easily.

Apologies for the inconvenience caused.
I paid for the Deezer subscription but it is not working in the app. It says “You’re already subscribed” when I click the “Subscribe” button but it won’t let me listen to music offline and listen to the music I want. I already paid so it should let me do that. I don’t know what’s going on.

This is exactly what’s happened to me. So here I am on vacation wasting data because even though I paid I cannot access my music offline.
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Hi there @Tj Myers

Thank you for your patience. In that case, you need to contact our support team for further help here 👍🏼
I have paid via iTunes for the family plan but it’s still showing the free mode. I sent an email asking for help but I have had zero responses from Deezer. Disappointed with the service. Happy to take my money but not to help get this working.
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Hi there @Dannyb1984

Thank you for your patience. Please do wait for our support team to get back to you, they're dealing with an increased number of requests at the moment 👍🏼


I just renewed my subscription via ITunes and Instill can not access to my Premium.

I’m trying to send you the screen shots with the payment trough the link in this post but it seems does not work anymore . Please help me and give me instructions of haw I can get active my account 



Hi, I did my premium payment trough ITunes last Saturday and Is still asking me to renew my subscription. Please help me and give me instructions on how active it my account and don’t lose my money!


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Hi there @SMRM 

I've sent you the link to our support team via private message, previously :wink:

Hi i paid my deezer premium and it still says i have to subscribe to premium and i did pay it? how do i fix it i read all the comments and did everything i have fotos to prove that i paid please help!


i update my account to deezer family, but it’s still on old subscription.

please activate my new ac