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Itunes Payment - Account not upgraded

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I bought a subscription to Deezer premium through IOS app store, but in my deezer app still stands FREE. Is there any solution for my problem?
Thanks in advance
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Hi there @beso29

Sorry to hear that. Please look above for further help 😉
my deezer account is still on free version but Its paid tru itunes every month from now is 3 months! Last month payment attachment its prove!!
I want like first to be fixed but if not possible than I want my money back please!
thank You

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Hi there @Emir Cufta

Sorry about that. Please look above on how to contact our support for further help 😉
I also have the same problem i paid and it says i am still on free trial
Hi , i paid for my subscription today 01-11-17, they took money but the application doesn’t work!! Can you help me pls??
I have the same problem,subscribed to premium and was charged but I am still on free
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Hi there @lillian.apadet @Ivic

Please contact our support team and they'll be able to help 😉
@Rudi i already did still nothing i paid it few days ago and now i cant choose song every second comercials it frustrating for something i paid for
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Hi there @Ivic

I couldn't see that you've contacted my colleagues in the support team. Your account shows as Free so I strongly suggest you reach out to them. The link is here.