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Itunes Payment - Account not upgraded

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Hi there @Elizabeth Martin

Sorry to hear that. Please check above on how carry on 😉
So I subscribed to the free trial today it sent me the verification email and it says on my Apple Account subscriptions that I’m subscribed however when I open the app it says I’m not subscribed
Hey guys. I paid subscription but it doesnt work. I tried everything-logging out, loggin in etc..
help please 🙂
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Hi @Robyn Arrowsmith please see above what to do about this 😉
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Hi there @uros.lazarevic95

Please check above for more help. And also have a look at your login details, your email address seems to be quite complex 🤓
Buongiorno mi è stato scalato importo di €12,99 su Apple Store per abbonamento premium, ma dall'app non riesco ad ascoltare musica in quanto non risulto premium come mai ?
Resto in attesa di risposta grazie
Russo Michele
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Ciao @michele.russo.39545

I'm sorry I'll be replying in English - we currently don't offer support in Italian on our communities. Please see above for further help 😉
Hello i need help!! I was talk with apple and itunes support, and they says its a problem of your App. I paid yesterday my suscription by itunes card, but dont get the services, I dont know what to do. Please help!
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Hi there @WendySalcedo

Please see above for further help 😉
It’s the second time Ive been charged and it doesn’t work my subscription, I’ve tried with my two accounts I already send an email to ITUNES and the answer was to communicate directly with the app Deezer , it automatically charges my credit card and it’s the second month it doesn’t work, it’s the second time I send a message to Deezer with NO response PLEASE HELP
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Hi @Cleidy Velandia please contact our support team as described above, they will sort this out for you.
HI ,

My bank already discounted the money of my account I got emails from iTunes and everything but still being asked to suscribe, what should I do?


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Hi @John Buitrago

have a read of this link it should help: -

Let us know how you get on! 🙂
Hi, I just realized that my payment was made through ITunes, Apple did send me an invoice but no subscription confirmation email from Deezer! So my account is still on free trial, please help!
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Hi there @Mathias Ruben

Please see above for further info 😉
Paid for subscription via iTunes and it’s still showing free. I paid $12.99
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Hey @Amyeubanks77

Please contact our support team to discuss it, as shown above.
Hello there!
I paid for my subscription from my ITUNES account,no activation is done on my account ,plz note the mail adresses are not the same deezer vs itunes . Please get it checked or refunded
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Hey @Emir Bensaadi

Please have a look above for more info 😉
Hey I signed up for deezer through iTunes I guess. And now it’s saying it’s temporarily unavailable. I got a new card and only wanted to update it but now it won’t let me do anything.
It keeps telling me to update to premium but I have already done that.
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Hey @nicolehuggies01 and @Sherom RP

Please check the first comment here in this topic 😉
has anyone else has this issue? as it seems impossible to get in contact with deezer regarding this issue
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Hi @Daveslatt please see above 😉
Hello support Team,

I am using Iphone 8plus.

Few days ago I have payed for Premium subscription and I still don’t have that on my account. I don’t have option to listen list of music that I want and I still have commercials...

I have tried to log out from browser profile and app profile, also I have uninstal the app from phone and download that again...

Can you please tell me what I can do so I can continue using Deezer?

Thank you,