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Itunes Payment - Account not upgraded

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Hello .. I subscribed to 3 months (as an offer) but it shows that I subscribed only for 1 month and still my Deezer is free version

I've upgraded to premium via application on iPhone from app store on 31st of December but still can't see that I'm premium within the application.

I've logged out/in multiple times, uninstall and reinstall the application and nothing.
If trying to upgrade again I can see that my subscription is valid until the 31st of March in the app store.

Can you please check on your side as well?

Premetto che ho sia contattato il servizio clienti Apple,sia provato a fare log out e log in, ma il mio problema non è stato risolto.
Ho pagato la versione premium con Paypal, mi è arrivata conferma del pagamento via mail e il servizio clienti Apple mi ha assicurato che dal loro punto di vista il servizio è stato pagato correttamente, ma ancora Deezer funziona con la versione free. Gradirei che qualche operatore si mettesse in contatto con me, ho anche il numero di pratica Apple se serve.
I have the same program((
Hi , i paid for my subscription today 01-11-17, they took money but the application doesn’t work!! Can you help me pls??
I have the same problem((
I’m having the same problem, I paid yesterday at 2 pm and I read it can take up ton24 business hours to Deezer to receive the payment, I was charged and I’m still on the Deezer free. Could you please help me with my issue?

i have proof of purchase and my account says that is already with premium.

I’ll appreciate your help


Nancy S
I’m having the same problem too I was charged twice and I’m still on free
My premium account hasn’t been activated after I paid
i renewed my subscription
i am not allowed to
listen what i want only random tracks
from my credit card the money is out for deezer bit my account is still blocked
thank you
i do have the same issue, can anyone please help me out, is subscribed a month ago.

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@Mostafa Fayez Gh @ion.miron @NicoPelle @Kris_r @Nancy Sánchez @Kordell Christopher Leader @Alex-shva @vinkizik sorry for the late reply. Please see at the beginning of this topic how to resolve this issue if you still need help.

You will have to get in touch with customer support and send them your payment confirmation.
I have paid for Deezer premium but not receiving it. On my Apple ID it says I have successfully paid and the subscription is active yet it is not ...
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Hi @Mira Bella Balint

The beginning of this topic explains how to resolve this issue. You will have to get in touch with our support team with payment confirmation in order to move things forward.
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Hi @Gabrielle.06

Please see above and let me know if you still need help 😉
i have paid via itunes but my account wont upgrade. I have read the solution that we need to send our invoices to support team but the link in the reply for support team doesnt work for me. Please share the contacts
Hi, I’ve started Premium subscription few days ago by paying through iTunes but my account still has not been upgraded and when I go to subscription options it says my next payment is due 7th of February.
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@Goldelle please see above 😉
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Hi there @s1lux

Please have a look above 😉
To send a premium subscription I have written off the money. I had to confirm the premium account three times. how to be now? Will you credit this money for the months to come?
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Hey @Dimitr Todorov

Please check this topic out. Perhaps you'll need to get in touch with our support team.
yesterday I payed for Deezer Family subscription, but at the app there is no info for it and Deezer Premium sub is still active and no info about Family sub, moreover I payed 378 except 349 run per month. My wife and her mother are with me in familyshareing and we want to use Deezer together. How can we solve this problem?!
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Hi @keneida I can only see that you have purchased Premium, not Family. If you have purchased family and you have a receipt for it please contact support here 😉
Yesterday pay by iPhone to change my plan to family and haven’t been applied.
please help me
user: luciano.alvarenga
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Hi @Luciano.Alvarenga please see above what to do if you have been charged through itunes, but still have no active plan.
I paid for the premium and it’s still free

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