If I downgrade from HiFi to premium, do I loose my playlists and liked songs?

  • 11 October 2021
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I believe the only way to downgrade right now is to simply expire and resubscribe, do I loose all my playlists and liked songs then? Are they somehow saved to my email or something?


P.S You really should make it easier to change your subscription.


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Hey @iamfrog 

Your favorites, albums, playlists are linked to your account. It doesn't matter whether you downgrade or upgrade. Your music will definitely stay with you.

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If you let your Hi-Fi subscription expire, you will automatically go to Deezer free. You will maintain all of your playlists, favorites, and related account benefits. The only thing that you will lose is downloaded music to your device, since deezer free does not support downloads. And Hi-Fi quality, of course. You will be on 128kbps on mobile, 320 on desktop.

When you re-subscribe, whether to premium or Hi-Fi again, you would need to download any music you want downloaded to your devices. But all of the rest of your account benefits will still be in place.

Source: I just did this myself, I let my Hi-Fi trial sub lapse and go to deezer free, and then subbed to premium.