I was charged twice!

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For the last 5 to 6 months maybe longer u charge me for 2 accounts i only use 1 i would like to be refunded I'm sure you see which account it active it's not right u go in to my bank 2 twice a month
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Hi there @Slim Slimmaz

Sorry to hear that. Please see above for further help from our support team 👍🏼
Hi my Deezer account closed down last night. Not sure why. I have re-subcribed today but already paid September's subscription. Now another premium payment of £9.99 has been taken from my account? I pay this via Paypal. Please advise. Thank you
For the past few months the payment for my subscription goes off twise every month. Can anyone tell me why this is????
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Hi there @Aquarius67 @Francois L

Sorry that's happened. Please do contact our support team here for further help with the additional payment and getting the account working again 👍🏼