I was charged twice!

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I can se that deezer have charged me twice for to month?
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Bruun Valentin wrote:

I can se that deezer have charged me twice for to month?

Please get in touch with our support team here and send them an image of the charges. They will be able to check your payments for you 😉
hi Deezer team!

i m lost here ... it seems that I have 2 active subscriptions but i can only view one online

28/12 Deezerafrica - 6,17
24/12 Deezer - 5,72

my subscritpion plan says "deezer family" for 3 749.00 XOF = 5.72 euros ...

what is then this deezer africa subcription then?

thanks for your help

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Hi @Patrice Annequin please see above what to do in this case if you still need help 😉
Dear moderators and other people ,
i need your help. On the same day at an interval of 5 minutes, 2 payments were immediately deducted from my card. Can I find out the reason? (I have only one account).
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Hi there @IKalimbet

Sorry about that. Because the payments were taken roughly at the same time, it's unlikely that you have two accounts (normally the cause of the issue).
So why don't you try contacting our support team and show them a screenshot or confirmation of the two payments being taken from your account? It could be a card issuer error where you see 2 transactions but only one would actually be charged and debited from your account. Speak to support and they should be able to sort it out 😉
en cours de mois je suis passé d'un abonnement prémium à un abonnement family donc j'ai été facturé du premium et du family?. J'arai attendu d'être facturé que du prorata temporis de l'abonnment family, j'aimerai être remboursé.
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Hey there @johill14

I've checked the account linked to the email you used here in the community and there are no double payments. Perhaps you have 2 accounts set up. Please contact our support team and they should be able to get to the bottom of this 😉