I received email telling me that my password has been updated successfully

  • 11 June 2019
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Last night I received email notifying me that my password was updated successfully. Email was received from Deezer . I was sleeping at the time so there is no change that I did anything to cause this. Is it something I need to concerned about?

5 replies

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As first step I wouldn't click on any link available on the email .
What happen if you try login using your credentials ?
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Hi there @boris6

I agree with Noam, don't open that email if you haven't changed your password yourself. But to be completely safe, I've sent you a password reset email today. Please change your password and login as normal (but use your email address -, not Google account to login).
I asked for password reset and updated it this morning but I don't think I ever used password before. I always used Google account to login. Also I found out that someone added new device. So bottom line, I updated password and remove unknown device. I'll keep an eye on it. That to both of you for your responses, I appreciate it.
Hi @Rudi and @Noam Asulin,
So it unfortunately it happened again. Some SM-J710F - Android is registered. Judging by the model number it's some Samsung. I never owned Samsung in my life. Password still works, it's unchanged. It is possible to see which login type this Samsung used? I also checked my Goggle account to see Known devices, nothing unusual there. I plan to revoke Deezer access to Goggle account, change google password, change deezer password again. Any other suggestions?
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Sad to hear that, @boris6
After you've done all of that, have a look at our topic regarding account security. And if the issue persists, please do contact our support team and they'll cover the specifics of your account which can't be discussed here.