I have no option but to upgrade from Premium to Family

  • 26 February 2019
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Okay hi I love Deezer thank you for creating this app! But I'm a single young women and have no kids or husband I really see no reason for me too upgrade to family! I'm good with my premium account do I have a choice to keep it or not because the app. Gives me no other option??

Best answer by Mothebemm 14 July 2019, 18:16

Thank you @Rudi , I logged out and logged in again, that seemed to work.
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5 replies

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The app should not force you upgrading to Family . Are U sure it's not an ad ?
You should be able using your Premium as much as you want to .
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Hi there @Tre.Darrell

Noam is right - it could be an ad.
And it's an ad that only pops up when the account is being used on another device at the same time. Please ensure that you've logged out of any device other than your own and change your password 😉
I am experiencing the same challenge, it is not ad, deezer has stopped playing my playlists and defaulted to play shuffle 😰..... but it won't play any music at all.
I don't want to upgrade to family subscription, and don't need it
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Hi there @Mothebemm

Are you sure you're logged in using the right credentials? I've had a brief look at your account and sent you a password reset email. Try changing the password and logging in again, directly with email address and password, not with Google.
Thank you @Rudi , I logged out and logged in again, that seemed to work.