How to cancel your Deezer Subscription

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Hi there @dbl390

I've moved your comment here so that you could check the tips above. I've also omitted the offensive language out of courtesy for our users.
How can I cancel the payment?
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Hi there @Gabrielle7858

I've moved your comment here so that you can find help with the first post 😉
Why can’t I cancel the premium subscription??
I got charged today for this month, and canceled right away, didn’t even use the app. I’d like my money back.
I also don’t use the email my log in is attached (because I first joined Deezer through Facebook), so if I could get this reply at [removed to protect personal details] it’d be perfect.

Thank you.
HI I need to cancel my subscription how do you do it x
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Hi @Bitardus please see above the different ways how to cancel your subscription. Let us know if you need further help 😉
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Please contact our support team here.


Check this topic and the guidance above 😉
I just wanted cancel my account
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Hi there @Franksantosss
Please see above for more info 😉
Ok so basically I ended up subscribing to deezer then I wanted to cancel it because I don’t need it as much so I did cancel it but through iTunes but on my Deezer account it’s still showing my next payment due although I’ve canceled it through itunes and I don’t know what that means and why it’s still on nor what to do and I just really want to cancel any payment due
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Hi there @Anna_vasileiou

If you've already cancelled with iTunes, you can check with our support team if everything is ok.
I have paid for 12 months in advance i november, for my Premium subscription, but in december i made an upgrade to Deezer HiFi, but have now downgraded to Premium again. But from the date i upgraded I have paid every month.. despite i paid for 12 months in november.. Why??
And how do I get some money back??
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Hi @Torben Overgaard

Please chat to our support team here and they should be able to help you further.
Ik wil per direct mijn abonnement opzeggen. Is dat met dit bericht voldoende? Ik verneem graag van u
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Hi there @Joyce Venderbos

Sorry I'll be replying in English - we currently don't offer support in Dutch. Please see above on how to cancel your subscription.