How do I get HiFi quality ?

  • 23 November 2021
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I have a premium subscription which I was told is going up in price as it’s changing to HiFi sound which is fine.

I’m still on regular high quality sound though with no option for HiFi.

Can anyone tell me how I get it?


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My understanding from the posts I have been reading here is that your hi-fi rollout is tied to your monthly subscription date. If you have been paying on the 25th of the month, you would get hi-fi on November 25.

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It is being rolled out per country, so it also depends on your location. Has your subscription price been raised lately? Don’t forget to enable HiFi streaming in your audio quality settings afterwards. You can check if you can already see the HiFi sticker on album artwork in the play queue view then.

My subs have been updated to take account of HiFI but I do not have this option on download quality just HQ

Looks like, as per above, when your next subscription is due

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@JDN @PMD please get in touch with our Deezer Support Team and one of our agents will be able to confirm when you’ll be able to enjoy HiFi in your account.
Thanks :)