Higher Price with iTunes

  • 27 November 2017
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Hi there @bkbarata

You've paid more because you've chosen to subscribe via iTunes. Apples charges their price on top of our subscription cost.
To pay less, check this topic - you can cancel and resubscribe with the same account, directly with us 😉

I am paying £17.99 per month for family and i notice the offer is £14.99 per month, also it states that there can be 6 profiles and we are only being allowed 3. Two of us cannot listen to deezer at the same time.

can you help please?
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Hi @lilynethercott please see above 😉
Hey. I have a Deezer Family subscription in Poland. I pay PLN 39.99, the site says that the Deezer Family subscription is PLN 29.99 per month. Why is there such a difference?

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Hey @Daniel Bigaj

Sorry about that. Please see above for more info 😉