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  • 27 November 2017
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Hi there @bkbarata

You've paid more because you've chosen to subscribe via iTunes. Apples charges their price on top of our subscription cost.
To pay less, check this topic - you can cancel and resubscribe with the same account, directly with us 😉

I am paying £17.99 per month for family and i notice the offer is £14.99 per month, also it states that there can be 6 profiles and we are only being allowed 3. Two of us cannot listen to deezer at the same time.

can you help please?
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Hi @lilynethercott please see above 😉
Hey. I have a Deezer Family subscription in Poland. I pay PLN 39.99, the site says that the Deezer Family subscription is PLN 29.99 per month. Why is there such a difference?

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Hey @Daniel Bigaj

Sorry about that. Please see above for more info 😉
Why am I paying $17.99 for family on my on my iphone subscription when I can get it on this site for $14.99? Also, having trouble changing my email address. Doesn't seem to recognize my FB credentials. Would like to take FB out of the equation anyway. Please let me know how


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Hi @Ralph Kasnavutch our subscriptions have slightly higher prices through iTunes, this is due to a fee that iTunes charges. You can subscribe to family for the standard price if you do so through our website. Please make sure to cancel iTunes payments before doing so. To change your email address please get in touch with our support team here.
Why hasn't my subscription reduced when the prices have reduced? How do I change this?
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Hi @Elizabeth Ford

I'm guessing you subscribed through iTunes? If so apple are charging you the extra!

My advice - cancel your Deezer subscription through iTunes and then wait for it to expire.

then go to, sign in and subscribe 🙂