HiFi subscription WITH Family Plan?

  • 21 December 2017
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I'm on the 30-day Trial of HiFi; have Premium+ just for me.

If I add my family to this plan, how much would it be? How to sign up for it without LOSING Hi-Fi for me?

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you cant but you can vote here
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23 replies

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you cant but you can vote here
I don't see it as an option
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@Ronald A Kramer Please check the answer above 🙂 Hopefully we'll be able to provide such plan in the future 🙂
@Anja link above does not work - states "Page not found".

How long until the Family Hi-Fi plan is available?

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Hi @Carlos6969 we do not have any date for this. Our team is looking into the possibility of creating such a subscription plan, but nothing is certain yet.

I have updated the link, it should work now 😉
Dear Team,

I am looking for a family subscription plan for Deezer HIFI - I could not find it on website.

Kindly advise if the plan is available . If Yes, please advise the subscription charges.

Thank you.
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Hi @Sandesh.Balakrishnan unfortunately we are not offering this kind of subscription at the moment. You can vote to introduce this on the link above 😉
Hello ,

I am currently on Deezer family . I would really love to upgrade to Deezer Hi-fi specially with the new desktop player available .

I don not see such a plan anywhere can this combo possible?

I have Yamaha musiccast players all over the house ( Bedroom, Home theater , garden, Kichen and kids bedrrom)and I would hate to mixup profiles with my kids
Hi Deezer.

I have a premium subscription from BMW. I also have family Spotify, and I am considering changing to family Deezer when my free subscription runs out. I have a house full of SONOS, which we all listen to as a family.

Your current plans make no sense in such a competitive market - your advantage over Spotify is really Deezer HIFI and BMW integration. Your current pricing nullifys your own market advantage!

Of course I would like my family to enjoy both advantages, and I want to listen to FLAC in my BMW. Why should you not monopolise on the areas where you are beating the opposition.

I am thinking of moving from Spotify for good, but really cant have a family subscription at 14.99 a month and then pay another 19.99 a month for my own FLAC service. If I did this it would make more sense to just stay with family Spotify - please make this choice easy and offer a family HIFI option or a HIFI account or two with the family subscription. You have until January, then its Spotify for our family.


PS I have now voted!
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Hi @Anil Ghatikar this is not something we offer at the moment I am afraid. Please see above ;)

@Dr Ben thank you for your feedback, we are happy to pass it on!
Hi, Family HiFi plan is for sure something what can be done by some clicks in accounting system, maybe choose propper price is bigger deal. Then why is still not ready?
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Hi, Family HiFi plan is for sure something what can be done by some clicks in accounting system, maybe choose propper price is bigger deal. Then why is still not ready?

Things are not that simple as it seems! 🙂
I am currently on the 30 day high
def trial. Will be purchasing the premium family plan, for well, the family.
What is the fee structure for the premium family plan plus high def for me?
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Hi @Timwalter we do not offer a combination of Hifi and Family, you can only have one or the other on one account. If you want both you will have to create one account for Family and one for Hifi and pay full price for both. There is an idea about this in our ideas forum that you can vote for, the link is above 😉
After many years, I began looking for a change from ho-hum Amazon Music and I found it in Deezer. I'll probably go with the 2 subscription plans but it will force me to always be looking at the competition to fit my needs.
Thanks for listening. Tim
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We totally get your point, and you shouldn't have to be looking around for another service. But your feedback is important and if you've voted for the idea, it'll make a difference.
I am also on a hifi plan, and definetely will not go back from that, but i also want to share deezer with my family, and it seems there is still nothing to be done about that..?
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Hi @Junglemanden unfortunately we do not have any timeframe for this, but you are welcome to vote here for this 😉
So Hifi is worth it and you can actually hear a sound quality improvement on the right audio setups?
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Hi @fedorachef please find out everything about Hifi here ;)

Please note that Hifi only works in combination with certain devices. Everything is explained in the linked article 😉
How is it possible Deezer, you really do not listen to your customers. Why is there still no Hifi - Family combination possible !!!!
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Hi there @ON7BT

Thank you for your feedback. We do listen to our users, it's just a bit more difficult to make it happen than it seems. Please vote for the idea here 😉