Hi-Fi ad showing even though Hi-Fi subscription is active

  • 8 October 2021
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I have been getting Hi-Fi ads whenever I open the “Audio” settings screen on Deezer, this has been going on for weeks now even though I have an active Hi-Fi Subscription. Can this be removed?

Hi-Fi ad :(


Additional Info:

I always have auto-update turned on for Deezer in order to get latest updates, but this has not been addressed.

Samsung 20 Ultra (Android 11) - One UI 3.1

Deezer version:



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3 replies

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Hey @FriskyProdigy 

This is also displayed for me even though I have a Family Hifi subscription. :open_mouth:

iPhone 13 Pro / Deezer version: Beta

iPhone 7 / Deezer version:

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@FriskyProdigy @dee_dirk thanks for reporting this.
I’ve have forwarded the info to our Marketing team in order to investigate.

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@FriskyProdigy @dee_dirk the team has informed me that this should not happen (of course) and they will work on it and fix.
Thanks again for letting us know :)