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It won't let me subscribe

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Hi there @karle miranda

Sorry to hear that. What is exactly happening?
I've checked your account here and saw that your email address may have been misspelled (it says instead of Have a look, maybe that's why you can't subscribe 😉

It won't let me subscribe either 


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Hey @Antonio Coronado 

Do you get an error message? At what point do you get stuck?

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@Antonio Coronado can you provide more information please?
Thanks :)

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Hi @Antonio Coronado,

Please try the following:

  • Open up Deezer on a browser from a PC/Mac
  • Go to Deezer Offers page.
  • Pick your preferred Subscription Plan e.g. Premium, Hi-Fi, Family etc.
  • When prompted to enter your payment details:
    • Make sure the payment method has enough funds for plan you choose.
    • For the case of credit/debit cards, make sure it’s activated and enabled by your card provider to make online purchases/transactions.
  • Proceed with payment and if the payment is successful, you should have your account immediately upgraded to the new plan.
  • You can proceed to enjoy your music and podcasts here or on your other devices.
    • If upgrade doesn’t happen immediately, while still on your computer browser go to this link. Unlink all devices (if any).
    • Log out of Deezer, then log back in - that should almost all the time resolve this problem.

If none of the above addresses your concern, please raise a ticket here with support.